Samantha Wills Photoshoot on Breakfast With Audrey


Two weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Breakfast With Audrey girls, Tash and Pip, to be involved in a whimsical photo shoot for their Samantha Wills giveaway!
We set off into Centennial Park in Sydney with darling photographer Nicole Cooper of blog Confident Liar. We each styled our own outfits with a vintage twist and teamed them with stunning jewellery from Samantha Wills.

I had the most amazing time skipping around in the bright red tutu skirt from State of Georgia! Also check out that huge collar necklace by Samantha Wills in the first photo. Wowza! is all I have to say about that.

As you know I was the guest editor for Breakfast With Audrey last month so the group shots all in white made me feel like part of the team. I had the best time with these girls that day even if it was 30 degrees!

Breakfast With Audrey have 10 pieces from Samantha Wills to giveaway so enter here for you chance to get your hot little hands on something lovely.

Below: Here's a cheeky goof shot for the road. Hello there!


P.S. The winners of the MIMCOLLECTIVE giveaway are Nicole Barnes and Michelle Elaine!
Congrats to the winners and good news because there is another giveaway planned for this week on SPIN DIZZY FALL!



  1. Three babes. All with glorious hair.

    Love every outfit. x

    sending you happy spells
    hope to hear from you..x

  2. your first outfit is ridiculously amazing! can't put a fault, i love it all!

    x Lauren

  3. You look amazing in these photos!

    x Vanessa

  4. i'm going to SMOOSH you all! :) last photo is my favourite <3

  5. you look stunning!
    i love every single one of your looks - but i especially love the shorts in the first one :)

  6. Really sweet shots indeed!! Especially in love with the last one! It's cheeky =D

    SHOP Ezzentric Topz

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  8. very interested in the bone colored bangles with the gold detailing. Where can i find those?



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