the beach++

1. wearing: singlet from cotton on, shorts by minkpink via MHQ and vintage Vegas necklace
2. wearing: tank by minkpink, shorts by Somedays Lovin' via MHQ and Seafolly sunnies (R.I.P)
Orange nail polish by revlon.

Ever since I finished reading The Beach a couple of weeks ago I just can't seem to get it out of my head. These outfits weren't really inspired by the book but more reminded me of it and to me just represent an atmosphere of summer and the care-free spirit that often comes with the change in season.

I've also been sunburnt for a couple of days so any excuse not to wear tight clothing suits me fine. I'm in love with the knitted shorts from Somdays Lovin. So much that I think I'll need a back up pair. They remind me 70s beach style.

Back to The Beach, I do still like the film and totally recommend it if you haven't seen it but the book just gives so much more... but also less. Just read that too. Either way Francoise (seen below) is the ultimate summer inspiration character which reminds me to relax more (if that's possible) and that you don't need much to enjoy yourself in summer. I'm also partial to Leo so BAM there he is too.


Hope you all had a nice weekend!



  1. The Beach is one of my all time favourite books, I've re-read it three times. I'm normally pretty irritated by cinematic remakes, but it's the combination of Moby 'Porcelain' in the film's soundtrack as well as Leo that makes it all better! Nice post Emma!

  2. Leonardoooooo. The Beach is a great book and film, I may have to dig out my old copy now x

  3. I didn't even know it was a book! Oh i love her in the beach, totally flawless. Love those shorts hun. Following you, if you get time would love if you could follow me back.xx


  4. Awww he's so adorable :)
    Love seeing your summer outfits now its so chilly here
    It would be mine

  5. LOVE the shorts pretty lady! Very dreamy :)

    Friend in Fashion

  6. i love these photos so much! the colouring is perfect. Definitely plan on watching the beach soon, you've described it nicely and young leo= win! hope your having an awesome day!
    taylah x

  7. Hello, Leo! You look gorgeous, as per usual, Em. I promise I'll get to reading the book ... soon :) xx

  8. i love the mink pink and somedays lovin' shorts
    you look gorgeous in these pictures!

  9. I saw your comment about the Mimco bag! How funny AND strange is that we got the same one! Even Jess from Harlequin's Party got the same exact one but in green! Must be a hit hehe.

    As for this post - I LOVE IT! you look so dreamy and beachy, those knitted shorts are incredible - everything you are wearing looks like it came right out of the costume wardrobe from The Beach. I remember the moment by eyes first laid upon Maya Bay when I visited Thailand. It truly is breathtaking and ever since I got back, I've been wanting to watch the movie again so I can relive it. By the sound of it, looks like I should get my hands on the book too. What a great post - thanks for sharing this with us Emma! :)

    x Lauren

  10. Oh I wish I could wear shorts, it's so cold in Portugal!
    Have a happy week :)


  11. love the beach!! is kind a wonderful movie!

  12. you look incredible

    i LOVE that movie

    Leo ... BAM! always a babe

  13. I adore both looks but the second has to be my favourite! So simple but perfect for the beach <3

  14. great inspiration. great shoot. love your pics. i def see where you were coming from!!

    the prince is giving a ball...

  15. My favourite movie & book! So magical! Love the Somedays Lovin' shorts! x


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