Fine and Sunny

wearing: Fine & Sunny tee, necklace from mynamenecklace.com, opshopped jacket and bag, boots by soles (MHQ), old skirt and OPI polish.

So it's now summer in Australia! Although the other day while shopping it was anything but 'Fine & Sunny'. More like windy & windy (as you can see in these photos!)

This "Mahalo" tee is by Fine & Sunny and was gifted to me by the lovely team at The Wonderland. 'So long and Mahalo' were the last written words of Hunter S. Thompson before his death. This design inspiration makes me love this tee even more and so my outfit was inspired by Hunter's eclectic style with this clashing skirt.

I am already so excited for christmas and I've already started a list including a lovely, thin gold ring I found yesterday at an antique jewellery store. What are you guys getting??


p.s. Winner of the Wild Hearts giveaway is Abegail Abundo! Congrats and check your email! (New giveaway coming this week!)


  1. Ooo, I love these two colours together! You look gorgeous (not that you don't always look ah-mazing)

    -LAURA xx

  2. Gah..love Hunter so much, need that shirt! Loving the red print too.

  3. Love your skirt!


  4. Your bag in this post looks amazingly like Balenciaga. I have one myself and yours look just like it! Just wanted to share the same excitement incase you didn't know your bag looks a thousand dollars :) Amazing outfit.


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