FLASH BACK - Indo Travel Video Never Released


Back in 2010 I went on a trip to Lombok, the Gili Islands and Bali and I made this travel film but I never publicly released it... (oh yes) untill now!

As I've mentioned before I'll be jetting over there again at the end of the month for a mid winter getaway. My 2010 trip was my fifth time to Indo (I think? I've lost track now!) and I still can't get enough of it.
I can't believe this was only 2 years ago when I was 19, so much has happened since!
Hope you guys like these!

  Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. love this lady! makes me want to travel even more now!

  2. these are awesome emma! making me miss this amazing place.

  3. this is awesome!! I've never been but it reminds me of vanuatu.

  4. Great work Emm! You look so relaxed and carefree, I've always wanted to go to Indonesia, heard so many raving reviews about the place. After watching these videos and seeing all your photos from your previous trip, it is definitely going onto the destination list!

    Also reminds me I need to get back Philippines photos up too hehe

    Hope you're well! :)

    x Lauren

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