Spin Dizzy Fall for Blogged and Bound

I interrupt the usual broadcast for this news flash!
My mini doco clip for Toni and Guy 'Blogged and Bound' project was released this morning!

For the project the director, camera man and I started shooting on trains and stations around Sydney way back in March! We then travelled by train (meanwhile I made a friendship bracelet) to the southern suburbs in my local area to meet Luke and shoot with a series of outfits on this wharf (which you may recognise from some past posts).

I'd love to hear what you think, lovely readers! 
Now is a good time to say thanks to everyone who reads and leaves comments on my blog! I'm so happy to be a part of projects like this and your feedback and love makes it even more fun!



  1. This is lovely Emma! Love your red cape, so darn cute :) Is that Como wharf you're shooting at?

    Red Mera Vintage


  2. this video is so cool! You look beautiful. what is this project for?


  3. love the video Emma! Now I can put a voice to the face :-) x

  4. Love the video Emma! Now I can put a voice to the lovely face :-)x

  5. ooo it's awesome! You look stunning. I never imagined your voice to sound like that! :)

  6. Great post! Love your blog!

    Have you checked out my blog? I'd love to hear what you think!


  7. I love this video! The way you and Luke work remind me of my boyfriend and I who as well isn't a photographer but is learning along the way. I as well do lots of thinking about my blog on the train! haha


  8. I love this post!
    I always love it when bloggers take part in mini docos and I get to hear them actually talk. Usually I just imagine what their voice would be like, and it's amazing to be able to hear them - reading their words and seeing them in front of a camera is one thing, but I don't know, it's just great to HEAR your voice. I love your blog, and your home suburb looks really relaxing and lovely (:


  9. Love this emm, it's so real! And I like that you incorporated Luke in to it. It reminds me of me and Jonathan, who is also learning :-) xx

  10. love how yours has come out!!! I love watching all our individual videos! its so fun how they captured each of our uniqueness. I totally didn't know you have to catch the train for an hour each day, is that each way? wow, thats lots of travel time each day.


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