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If you follow my instagram it's likely you've noticed how often I like to escape to the beach and spend my days sitting by the seaside. Sometimes I dream about spending the rest of my life following the sun and living by the beach and then I realise that I'm kind of already doing that and 'the rest of my life' has already begun.

The folks over at ROXY have teamed up with Spin Dizzy Fall to give one of my readers the chance to win a Roxy gift voucher valued at (AUS) $250 to celebrate their new campaign (and contest) Dare Yourself

How to enter:
2. Leave a comment below this post telling me ...
'If you could do anything, what would you dare yourself to do?' 
It could be anything from sky diving to changing career paths or just escaping to a tropical island for a month or two. 

Giveaway will be announced on Wednesday April 3rd.
Good luck lovelies!



  1. i'd travel the world photographing beautiful scenery and interesting people! :)


  2. I just liked your page! this is an adorable giveaway concept.

    What would I dare to do? Be passionately in love and travel through Europe. Also eat an entire tub of ice-cream..



  3. Like on FB
    I would love to be a professional wrestler

  4. I would dare myself to leave.
    Move house leave my things and the town I grew up in and try make a living in melbourne city or even new york if I could.

  5. If I could do anything in the world right this minute, I would travel Africa and spend my days on safari, getting lost in the wild!

  6. If I could do anything, I'd dare myself to take a gap year, take a break from everything and everyone and tick off my bucket list.

  7. If i could do anything it would be too move to a completely new location, leave everything and everyone behind and learn a new language, would be pretty cool to start again and see what i could do.

    Hayley xx

  8. I would drop out of university and see where life takes me!
    S xx

  9. If I could do anything, I'll travel the world!

  10. I would dare myself to go to a music festival alone, and befriend whatever group of randomers crosses my path! - Fuschia Trollop

  11. It's a great giveaway! :)
    If I could do anything I would travel to a tropical island to relax, diving and swimming with dolphins. After a month I'd move to New York.

  12. thank you so much for this cool giveaway!!
    if i could dare myself to do anything, i wouldn't be so worried about what everyone else thinks, and i would be more daring with my fashion

  13. if i could dare myself to do anything i would be more daring with my fashion and care less what everyone thinks

  14. I would dare myself to get up and leave to wherever it is the dart I've thrown lands on the huge world map. With a guitar in one hand, my journal and pen in the other, we'll see where this takes me.

    I want to live a simple, happy life. I don't want to bring drama with it, hopefully the dart lands somewhere with lots of nice beaches so I get inspiration for songs/journal entries.

    Thank you lovely! Have a good Easter break.

  15. I would dare myself to live in 10 different cities in Europq within 10 weeks!

  16. One day, I will dare myself to forget everything and just throw my self out there and travel the wide world to my heart's content! I want to spend days roaming sites in strappy sandels and laze by the waves without a care in the world and visit colourful markets and wonder the beaches with my toes in the sand. I want to dare myself to get out there and try something different that not many people would be able to do, to learn a different language and explore little French patiseries or the Greek beaches sound lovely to me. To fall in love and make memories, experience new things and meet new people.
    I hope to one day be sitting on an airoplane looking down at the clouds thinking I am finally taking action in my dreams and dares and goals.
    This is why one day, just for a little while I am going to explore out of my my comfort zone and dare myself to do something I wouldn't normally do. This has always been my dream and I dream about it every single day!

    Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. ~Les Brown

    Love your blog! Helena xo

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  18. If i could dare myself to do anything it would be to go to Hawaii to take up surfing professionally xxx

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  20. I would LOVE to skydive. Something I have to do before I die!! no joke. OR just escape to hawaii and learn how to surf. live by riding waves. yyeah, hang loose!

    amalie x

  21. I would dare myself to abseil, vividly remember chickening out on a school excursion when I was younger and have always wanted to redeem my self esteem!

    FB follower

  22. I'd dare myself to go after the career I've always wanted, even though the study is tough and the pay is low!

  23. I would definately dare myself to tell the crazy parents up at my daughter's school how fake and horrible they really are. And dare myself to laugh at the ramifications xxx facebook liker Amanda Gorham

  24. oops my email addy is feline1981@yahoo.com

  25. I would dare myself to walk up to my old manager and tell her that no one in her team likes her because she is an evil demon woman.

  26. I would dare myself to live a unique life eveyday by just being me, I have a massive passion for being creative, living by the beach and all things vintage. Everyone has their own story, so I dare myself everyday to make mine worth reading, so I dream big, set goals and dare myself to beleive I can do anything because then I find myself laughing longer, thinking stronger and just have a bubble of infinate around myself. I love to dare myself to do things I wouldn't normally do, from setting my alarm extra early for a morning run, to splurging out every now and then! I would dare other girls to enjoy being themselves, to do what makes them happy and to follow their own path because if you never dare to get lost, you'll never find the right road.

    Gorgeous blog!
    -Jasmine xxx (that girl with the puppy who came to your market stall!)

  27. I would stand on the roof of sydney opera house and sing 'Not Afraid'! lindtar@gmail.com

  28. I would challenge myself to try a work in Japan program. Being in another country with a different language day to day would teach me a lot in independence! I would be forced to speak & learn Japanese very quickly and I've always wanted to learn the language. I've been trying to teach myself but it is slow going!

  29. I would smile at every passer by. fall in love with a surfer guy.
    Fear nothing, live like its the last day on earth. Escape to the tropics, until I'm a nice shade of brown. spend a month on the shores of a tropical island, just lazying around. True BLISS finally found.


  30. I'm always giving myself dares, from rain walking to smiling more. Most of us are idiots inside, you just have to force your inner fool out. Do it. Push harder.

  31. I would open my heart and dare to LOVE again. After a disastrous marriage and divorce the scars are deep. I love your fashion. taddros@yahoo.com.au

  32. to lose weight and stick to it and lose the unwanted kilo.A new me. slimmer and more confidence.

  33. I'd dare myself to run away
    to Paris for a year and a day
    I'd learn to cook with French finesse
    and indulge in wine to excess!


  34. I would dare myself to.........
    I have never worn skates before
    and I love watching roller derby

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  36. I would dare myself to take voice lessons and become the diva I know in my heart I am :)

  37. I'd dare myself to dream big and not be inhibited by my fear of failure. Lovely blog :) thanks heaps for the chance to win!
    schneko (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. I would dare myself to walk in to a surf shop of any variety for one, as I always felt intimidated in the past as all the staff and customers were skinny minnies! Then Id dare myself to try ON a Roxy bikini as for the last 12 months I have cleaned up my eating and health and am proud to show off what clean eating and fitness has done to my body, the last dare would be to actually spend that much money on a bikini as Im used to the Kmart variety, but then Id remember that I wouldnt have to as Id have this wonderful gift voucher to spend!

  39. Bugger the "pay-off-the-mortgage-at-all-costs" philosophy and indulge every now and then. (but dare I?)

  40. I’d dare myself to be a better me,
    The one hiding inside.
    A me I know I could be,
    If I only tried.

    Starting first with exercise,
    Of late, I’ve been remiss,
    Judging by my growing size,
    It’s something I shouldn’t miss!

    Next, move on to work goals,
    With which I’ve been so meek.
    It’s time to focus on plugging those holes,
    And bring out my ruthless streak!

    Finally, my love life,
    I drive my coupled friends nuts...
    Anxiety cuts like a knife,
    But it’s high time I got some guts!

    If I dared myself to fix these things,
    I’d live without a care.
    We would all be queens and kings,
    If we’d only sometimes dare!

    Like you on facebook :) charlottescotton (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for the chance!

  41. I'd pack up my husband, kid and dog and we'd move our butts to the other side of the world. Live an exciting life, see some things, do some things. I don't want an ordinary life, I want an extraordinary life!


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