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After Australia Day and a big day at BDO I enjoyed a 5 day cleanse thanks to Dietlicious.
5 days of food (Chicken & veg diet) was sent in this huge ice box to my door and all I had to do was to take each day's food out of the freezer the day before. 

I really loved all the food! The juices in the morning were excellent. On the 4th and 5th day breakfast changed to hummus on gluten free bread (toasted) which I had never had before and it was actually amazing. Cooking lunch and dinner was really easy as you usually just have to stick it in the microwave. My favourites were the mexican bean pot and the dhal with rice. I really missed my english breakfast teas in the morning but converted to herbal or ginger tea as suggested by the diet and felt much lighter because of it. It was a little hard to keep it up sometimes (only because I love cheese so going without it was testing) but so worth it!

Below are some photos from my 5 day cleanse! For more info visit the Dietlicious website.

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  1. Oh this food looks sooo yummy and healthy too, this is such a good idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love cheese too... Can hardly go a day without it, haha! Well done for sticking at it :)


  3. Oh oh oh, this looks so amazing.
    This would be perfect for me considering my hectic work schedule!



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