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Getting back to regular posting after some dodgy hotel wifi! Here are some snaps from our trip out to the Cu Chi Tunnels. So much history around this place, specifically the American/Vietnam war (although they were being built prior due to the French invasion). The Vietnamese (mainly Viet Cong soldiers) would hide out in these tiny tunnels. These ones have been widened and made taller to let tourists see the tunnels - and I tell you it's still pretty tight! And yep, I was the one who volunteered at the beginning of the tour to get in that tight little trap door and hold the lid above my head (see above). I also had the chance to shoot an AK47. I've never shot a gun before and I don't think I'll be in any rush to do so again because it was damn shocking. So bizarre and after 2 shots I didn't even want to do anymore because it was so loud! However, I enjoyed the tea & 'lunch' afterwards as it was a taste of what the Vietnamese ate while hiding out in the tunnels. Definitely a must-see when in Vietnam! So interesting. 



  1. Amazing photos!


  2. I visited there too - I also volunteered to jump in the hole! How fun! Thanks for sharing your pics reminds me of my trip....
    Xo, Randi


  3. This is amazing, I need to go there!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  4. That's super awesome. Even though I'm from Vietnam, I haven't even been to Cu chi Tunnels. definitely a lot of history there. And bravo for volunteering to get down, it sure looks scary

  5. Look!! is you shooting gun in Cu chi Tunnels Tour ? amazing!!! you are stronger girl


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