Travelling North

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First outfit: Playsuit - Missguided, backpack - asos, scarf - Marini Ferlazzo.
Second outfit: Playsuit - Keepsake the Label, bracelet - Wanderlust and Co.

After our lovely beach getaway we started travelling north! We took a 6 hour train & another 1hr car ride to get to Hoi An. So needless to say we were so happy to arrive (note the happiness in the pool)!

As we were heading out for our first dinner we had one of those weird experiences that only seem to happen when you're travelling. As we were walking up an alley, we heard yelling and smashing noises around the corner. As we walked around we saw a man smashing windows of a church with a medium sized knife/trowel thing and yelling at a bunch of locals. We were really confused and didn't get much time to assess the situation as next minute he ran out from the building into the street - all the locals scattered screaming, so we ran too without knowing what was happening! It was so scary, running from an armed, angry man - like when you were a kid and you would run up the stairs really fast in the dark for fear of something chasing you even though you didn't want to look back behind to check. We ran around a corner of a store as the man started throwing things at the crowd of running locals & us! Luckily, soon after a few local men caught the man and held him under control. We asked some locals what was happening and we were told that he was a mental patient who had escaped an institution. So bizarre! One of the most terrifying moments of my life - not knowing what was behind us as we ran was terrible! We just had to kind of laugh about after because it was so crazy. We had a few quiet moments looking at the sunset before walking through lantern covered streets to have dinner by the river. Definitely a night to remember!

Next post: My Son ruins! 



  1. Hi Emma, beautiful pictures, I can't wait for my trip to Vietnam. Can you recommend where you stayed in Hoi An? And what was the name of your Halong Bay boat company? Thanks

  2. The lanterns in Hoi An are absolutely beautiful! So glad you enjoyed it (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  3. Glad you're safe! Scary moments like that are worse when you're travelling and they're yelling in a language that you can't understand.

    I'm loving the all white and all black outfits. I wish I was back in South East Asia x

    the chic & damned

  4. Damn, what an experience and very beautiful photos!
    Got to love jumping into the water after travelling for a while :)
    xo Lyn

  5. love the black playsuit!
    visit me: silkandsoph.wordpress.com

  6. nice pics!! ; ]


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