MBFWA 2014 Photo Diary

Day 1: MBFWA entry, Rekorderlig Bar, Street Style snapping, Alex Perry 
featuring Alessandra Ambrosio, Gail Sorronda and Bec & Bridge.
 photo P1110221_zpse9758d91.jpg photo P1110220_zps79376c30.jpg photo P1110084_zps95eb6542.jpg photo P1110096_zpsb85c7f5c.jpg photo P1110194_zps80ef3787.jpg photo P1110200_zps7d5680b5.jpg photo P1110176_zpsb119daba.jpg photo P1110177_zpsc0bb8441.jpg photo P1110181_zps84ea24ef.jpg photo P1110314_zps7534b6d7.jpg photo P1110198_zpsbd6c15a8.jpg photo P1110241_zps9997c77f.jpg photo P1110288_zpsbd3a0280.jpg

Day 2: Hanging with Ally, Cowboy style at Cameo, Talulah, 
Michael Lo Sordo, We Are Handsome with a snake.
 photo P1110474_zps5fd8f676.jpg photo P1110491_zps7bf39768.jpg photo P1110414_zps45d0f0a4.jpg photo P1110358_zpsda47e38a.jpg photo P1110452_zps5adb9ea7.jpg

Day 3 - Hanging with Kate Boissett, Dion Lee II, Raffles Showcase, identical style with 
When Words Fail sisters, special screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel with Messina.
 photo P1110576_zps00ad0ecf.jpg photo P1110513_zps1cb0f160.jpg photo P1110587_zpsfc3b6d61.jpg
 photo P1110609_zps940632d1.jpg photo P1110583_zps755e5927.jpg photo P1110637_zpsd3794c91.jpg

Day 4 - White wonderland with snow at Alice McCall, The Innovators, 
Zhivago, Star Lounge cocktails, Ae'lkemi, Aje. photo P1110712_zps488a1cba.jpg photo P1110706_zpseb0fd149.jpg  photo P1110669_zps60856744.jpg photo P1110687_zps2369dc27.jpg photo P1110703_zpsaf898867.jpg photo P1110752_zpsa009255b.jpg photo P1110776_zps384f4c74.jpg photo P1110797_zps64b1ebcc.jpg photo P1110757_zps4f910712.jpg photo P1110883_zps868e3e50.jpg photo P1110895_zpsb7955efa.jpg photo P1110816_zps10d782f4.jpg photo P1110854_zpsde21fe99.jpg photo P1110897_zpsdee690e1.jpg photo P1110915_zps22e284ac.jpg

Day 1 started with a bang thanks to Mr Alex Perry - embellished mini dress & long chic gowns - featuring Victoria Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio. I had lunch with the gorgeous Connie from K is for Kani and then visited the Rekorderlig Gallery Bar to try their 'Passion for Fashion' cocktail. Cute mermaid prints at Gail Sorronda and then Bec & Bridge to finish the night on a high!

Day 2 included amazing drapery in baby blues, pinks and yellows at Michael Lo Sordo, Cowboy style at Cameo, pythons took the stage at the Paddington Reservoir Gardens for We Are Handsome and a mini jungle spat out models at Talulah. 

Day 3 started with boyfriend dressing at Dion Lee II. I met the lovely Kate Boissett (amazing chick!) and the stunning twins from When Words Fail. The Raffles showcase displayed delicate designs as always - lovely. We finished the night with a break from MBFWA with an advance screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel (by Wes Anderson) thanks to the incredible Gelato Messina who provided their re-creation of the delicious dessert from the film (which is available at their Darlinghurst store for those Wes Anderson fans out there, like me). So exciting!

Day 4 our spirits were lifted thanks to the Brilliant Alice McCall and her white wonderland - complete with snow - not to mention the lovely designs. It was my favourite show of the week! Next was daring designs at The Innovators - never disappoints! Zhivago displayed glittering grunge - another great show. Cocktails in the Star Lounge makes for a great mini escape. Details in lace, sheer and leather at Ae'lkemi and a safari adventure at Aje ended the week. 

Lastly, I have to say thank you to everyone who made this week special for me - new & old friends, the designers, plus all the PR peeps and those working hard behind the scenes. To my lovely readers, I hope you all like my coverage from the week! Till next year MBFWA.



  1. Lovely photos! I would love to go to fashion week one day...

    xx Nicole

  2. I love love love this post! such a fab round up. I can't wait to go to fashion week one year!



  3. Cool photos...the dessert looks amazing.....did you finish it all!! ;)


  4. Love this post; great photos & the food looks delish!



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