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First 7 photos over the 6 week training period - Last 7 from the run night. 

If you don't follow me on instagram, apart from being partially insane you've probably missed my recent fitness updates. Over the past 6 weeks I've been training with Nike for the Nike She Runs 10km run in Sydney. As someone who has only done very minimal exercise over the past year (before that I pretty much did zero exercise since my teenage gymnast years), I was skeptical but excited to be invited to be involved with Nike. After returning from Vietnam in March I had lost all fitness I had, not to mention gained a few kilos thanks to the amazing food. When I told my family (the people who know me best) the news, I was faced with a bunch of cackling people in dis-belief. "You?! Running?! 10km?! Pah!" was pretty much how the conversation went. 

I was placed into the 'South Side Crew' with South Side leader, Ashley Freeman, and after my first training session I learnt that perhaps I had been a bit optimistic. I know run club isn't a race but let's just say I was last, trailing behind the whole pack - mostly filled with women older than me. Fortunately, we had been given a calendar with a full training guide for the entire 6 weeks which I started following religiously. Unfortunately, on the day before Fashion Week (Week 3 of Nike Training) I was knocked down with the flu. By the end of Week 4 I was able to flick the flu however I had lost 2 weeks of crucial training. I'm ashamed to say I began looking for an excuse to get out of the final run. How could I possibly do this?! I'm so thankful for my friends who encouraged me to keep going. By the end of Week 5 I had actually learnt how to breathe properly while running and I was truly surprised when I was able to take kilometres in my (slow but steady) stride. After you've sorted out the basic physical elements of running, it is like everyone says ...'MENTAL'. It's all in your head - so if you start to tire, don't give up. Lets not get too deep here as I'm not one for an emotional/motivational speech but the moral of this story is, if I started from scratch and made it the whole 10km (spoiler alert), then anyone can. 

On Saturday, with my boy Luke by my side supporting me, I made my way to Centennial Park in Sydney. I met up with all the other amazing media chicks in the media lounge before the race and we prepared for the long run ahead. The atmosphere was electric and I was so impressed with how well the whole event was organised. I had selected the slowest pace group for the run so we were called last. I have to say I wasn't expecting the small hills we were presented with in the first half of the run therefore the first half of the race was the hardest for me. I realised I should be keeping my pace steady so fell back behind some of the swift runners - luckily it paid off and I even ended up passing some people in the pace groups before me. Along the way not only was there water stations and signs stating how far we had run, but we were treated to amazing encouragement from drummers, lovely volunteers, cheerleaders and at one point a huge marching band.  I'm pretty chuffed to say that apart from slowing for water, I ended up jogging the 10km! I left elated. I would completely recommend being involved in Nike She Runs in your own state, country or for those in Sydney, next year's run. Huge thanks to all those behind the scenes who made it magic for me! 


p.s. Winners of my Logitech giveaway are as follows. Logitech Case+Energy = Jennie C, Case+Drive Jessie Khoo & Case+Tilt = Sonia De Macedo. Congrats girls! new giveaway coming soon. 


  1. Well done.....you did really well.....I have seen some other bloggers doing this as well Gala from Amlul is a big runner....it's got me thinking...;))


  2. Congrats on running the 10k! Looks like a great event and I bet you all had loads of fun :)!


  3. Congrats, Emm! 10km is a huge achievement to get to in six weeks time!


  4. i love your blog baby

    visit my new look


  5. nice sneakers!
    would love to have one for myself!


  6. Wow! Amazing photos!


  7. I so want to start running and I desperately want a pair of Nike's!
    I am scared I will give up and my money will be wasted though.
    Good luck with the 10Ks!
    You look amazing!


  8. Thanks for the prize Emma! Also, great work on doing the run, I would definitely struggle!!


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