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 photo P1200298_zps8cf9fe67.jpg photo P1200333_zps0fcf295a.jpg photo P1200336_zpsf02ae72e.jpg photo P1200339_zps6bf39456.jpg photo P1200343_zpsbb714c68.jpg photo P1200332_zpsa584fada.jpg photo P1200340_zpscce8121c.jpg photo P1200334_zpsb7b9ab93.jpg wearing: Dress - Magali Pascal, Jacket - Free People, sunglasses - Oscar Wylee, tassel clutch - Next, boots - Zu.

These past couple weeks in Sydney have treated us to some gorgeous sunny days. Bare legs all year is fine by me. Apart from snow trips of course. Unfortunately I won't be going on my annual skiing trip this year, but for good reason! Less than a month from now Luke and I will be jetting off to Europe! It'll be my first time travelling around Europe (apart from our quick trip to London last month of course) and Luke's too. I think I'm still in a state of disbelief because I still haven't booked some of our flights or accommodation. Eep! So this is where I call on you guys for any recommendations - not just accommodation but just anything you think is a "MUST" in Italy (think west coast), Greece (think Santorini) and Turkey (think Istanbul). Thanks in advance guys! x



  1. fine look ;-)

    i invite to me too

  2. I was actually in Italy in last month, and I have to say that Isle of Capri (you absolutely must see the Blue Grotto when you're there), Sorrento, Florence, and Cinque Terre in La Spezia were absolute highlights for me!

    Be warned, there really isn't much to do in Cinque Terre besides the sight seeing or the swimming (it had rained that day so we didn't swim), but I did only stay there one night so maybe get a second opinion on that one. I sadly didn't get to go see Siena or Sicily, but I have heard that both are amazing.

    Tip: always carry some cash. ATM machines were really difficult to find in the majority of Italy and half the time you couldn't check your balance, so have some pre-arranged with your bank and phone company. Also, check with your hotel staff to see if the tap water is drinkable. A lot of the time it wasn't so we had to keep buying water. The cheapest I found was 1.50 euro for a 1L bottle in Sorrento, but a few of the girls I was with bought 2L bottles at a supermarket for 50c each. Otherwise you could probably refill bottles in the hotel or even at the breakfast. A word of caution though is that there isn't much at the breakfasts. Usually a croissant, cake, bacon and scrambled eggs (nobody ate the eggs though if that says anything :$), so I'd recommend perhaps even going to a supermarket and stocking up on fruit and keeping it in the hotel room? I travelled with a group so maybe it's an exception, but I was told by our Italian tour guide that most Italians only eat a croissant with some coffee so that might just be the case.

    Hope that helps! Again, I went with a tour company (I did the Simply Italy trip with Contiki) so maybe a few things might be a little different, but I hope this helps! :)


  3. I love your white dress Miss!
    Great look!

  4. LOVE this outfit! You look great!

    Come by soon!


  5. ooh I love this dress! and totally jealous of all your adventures, europe will be AMAZING!



  6. Aww, you look beautiful! Love this red door.


  7. Very lovely rock outfit :) And pictures ...

  8. beautiful look! I like the feminine dress with the edgy jacket!


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