photo P1220506_zps6fe0e412.jpg photo P1220520_zps9779a55b.jpg photo P1220543_zps2f4bef3f.jpg photo P1220550_zps93e030c0.jpg photo P1220556_zpsc0ec94e0.jpg photo P1220527_zpseebe6b7a.jpg photo P1220629_zps7be9268b.jpg  photo P1220567_zps7976d88e.jpg photo P1220573_zps208eaad5.jpg photo P1220590_zpsbdf21a28.jpg photo P1220609_zps1d41e38b.jpg  photo P1220641_zps26eeb68d.jpg  photo P1220674_zps54a6f22a.jpg photo P1220694_zps188883ff.jpg photo P1220704_zps46e106a0.jpg photo P1220734_zps0b0efadb.jpg photo P1220759_zpscb4cc06f.jpg photo P1220799_zps72be37fa.jpg

It took us a while to get to the little cliff-side town of Positano - a train and a bus (not to mention having to roll our huge Antler luggage bags down the one-way Positano road to try and find our hotel for half an hour) but when we finally made it we were so relieved! We spent two nights in this charming place, resting up from our travels and eating all we could fit! The first night I had the most amazing Gnocchi. I'm not going to even try and describe the quality of the buffalo mozzarella we ate there because it was a whole other level and I'm basically drooling just thinking about it. Indescribable! That also goes for the views which is why I'll let the photos speak for themselves there. We stayed in a sort of B&B run by an old italian man named Claudio and a very strong woman who carried our heavy bags on her shoulder up 3 flights of stairs. Claudio was so charming and helpful, the place always smelt like salami when you walked in and the view was just all ocean. I still have a bit more of Positano to come in my next post plus some snaps from our boat trip along the Amalfi Coast before heading to Rome!



  1. The colors are great. This place looks awesome.

  2. Beautiful pictures girl

  3. Looks so amazing!! Definitely on my list of 'must visit' places!

  4. Stunning photographs :D


  5. Positano looks so beautiful! And I agree with the Gnocchi--absolutely amazing. In fact, you'll never think of pasta or gelato the same after visiting Italy.


  6. Loved these pics, such a beautiful part of Italy. Really enjoying your Italy travel posts


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