ROADTRIP: Wollongong

 photo P1250061_zps83cf0b03.jpg photo P1250079_zps4031b1ff.jpg photo P1250099_zpsbf17cdab.jpg photo P1250104_zps41f70fa7.jpg photo P1250145_zps21c28879.jpg photo P1250159_zpsd1a80213.jpg photo P1250141_zps653c50d1.jpg photo P1250131_zps951c55dd.jpg photo P1250175_zps9ebffc6f.jpg photo P1250170_zps9c4cc2b7.jpg photo P1250197_zps85befabf.jpg photo P1250183_zps2d00f234.jpg photo P1250190_zpsb69f2a11.jpg photo P1250206_zps9d6fd626.jpg wearing: knit - H&M, shorts (old) - Market HQ, hat - Next, necklace - Shantique designs.

Not long ago my sister, Alyse and I had a free day to hang out. We decided not to waste the day inside so we followed our noses down to Wollongong for the day! See my vlog below for all the details of where we ate and where we went. It was a lot of fun and it was a great reminder to take advantage of free time - go out and explore this place we call home. 

Speaking of exploring - the winners of the IT'S THE SHIP cabins have been drawn and will be contacted directly via email by the organisers! For anyone who missed out and would like to book a cabin I have an exclusive promo code for you guys for 15% off your cabin! Simply input  EMALCY when making their booking on www.itstheship.com. Hope to see you there xx



  1. simple beauty!!! indeed The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don't wear her. http://www.robecart.com

  2. Wow, I just came across your blog and I know I like it already! I love that knit sweater and the necklace. And the scenery is amazing! So lucky to travel to beautiful places.
    - Evelyn

  3. Love your blog! this place looks amazing. Also loving that sweater and necklace.



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