Champagne Beach

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Champagne beach is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the south pacific and I was lucky enough to visit this paradise on my recent trip to Vanuatu. After rising at 4am we first drove out to Port Orly (also the largest French speaking village in Vanuatu) to watch a sunrise that couldn't be more perfect if we arrange it ourselves (note the perfect placement of the local fisherman in his canoe at sunrise in the first picture - magical).

We then took a short ride out to Champagne Beach where the sand is like flour. It reminded me of my recent trip to Mexico on Isla Mujures where I could hardly drag myself away from the white sand beaches on that little island, but here on Espiritu Santo unlike in Mexico, Champagne Beach is practically deserted! I asked locals and was shocked to hear it hardly ever gets busier than the day we were there. Which means you can pretty much live out any Blue Lagoon dreams you may have! Brooke Shield vibes, anyone? Champagne Beach is about a 45 minute drive from Santo's main town of Luganville - which is a pretty short drive for paradise if you ask me!



  1. awesome pics!


  2. This looks amazing! I can't believe how deserted it is either, perfect x

    Wonky Lauren

  3. Wow such stunning pictures, love the first one so dreamy!



  4. This beach is so pretty!



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