Horse Riding in the Ocean

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If you've seen my Vanuatu video you'll know that I got the chance to do something I've never done before and that is ride a horse into the ocean! This lovely horse was named Black Magic and he was one of the rescue horses at the Lope Lope lodge on Espiritu Santo. It was such an unreal experience and you could really tell these guys were well looked after since they've been reduced from previous owners who didn't treat them as well. 

We also trekked our way through the jungle to see the amazing waterfall at Mount Hope. These photos actually don't show how high this waterfall was! We walked down (yes, we WALKED down this waterfall) to about the halfway mark to see the beautiful river running through the jungle. 



  1. this is SO COOL! What a dream experience!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. This looks like such an amazing trip. Black Magic is such a cutie! x


  3. Gorgeous pictures and I love your scarf



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