From London to New York

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While on our most recent travels through europe, we eventually found ourselves in London after a few crazy weeks in Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and Montenegro. I believe it was my 4th visit to London and whenever I'm there I always feel as ease and comfortable. It's one of my favourite cities in the world. After a somewhat relaxing week in Shoreditch we decided it was time to make the big leap across the pond and fly from one major city to another - LONDON to NEW YORK! The contrast of these two is almost indecipherable even to those who've visited both. The cities are so immense that you find yourself feeling extremely insignificant, which is often a good thing. The way I felt in New York was the complete opposite to London - an extremely fascinating city but could only be taken in doses. Nevertheless, New York was completely inspiring and it's true what they say about 'a city that never sleeps'. 

The same can't be said for this guy! Peter Alexander is currently on a 'World Tour' with his new collection with designs inspired by some of the most dreamy cities around the globe. As a big fan of the good ol' sleep tee (and of course, travel!) I didn't hesitate when asked to present the new styles inspired by cities I hold fond memories for. A little 'behind the scenes' scoop to end on ... all these photos where actually shot by my right-hand (wo)man @Alysejl in Sydney! Although I'm actually in the middle of editing some shots from when were in New York, New York recently - so stay tuned!



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