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This year, the year I turned 25 (quarter century sounds a little horrifying sometimes), I decided to take on months of travel at a time. I had a great life at home but I’ve always had a burning desire to see the world and I finally realized I needed to stop ignoring the flame and let it burn wild across the globe. Freedom is something I see as greatly important. Of course a concept so grand can often feel unattainable or may even be so daunting that it produces a reluctance towards change and makes us want to scurry back into a safe ‘Netflix and Chill’ mode.

Your comfort zone might be fun and all but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of the blood pumping hard through your veins as you hike along a vast canyon in the Andes, or feel the first rays on sun on your face as you watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu or even the goosebumps up your arms in a lively club as you accept a salsa lesson from a stranger. I experienced all these while on my travels through Peru. My sister was set on travelling South America and Machu Picchu had been #1 on my travel ‘must-do’ list for years! She saw the tour with G Adventures from La Paz to Lima and sent me the link (I’ll link the tour we did here too as I’ve had a few of you guys emailing me about how we got around). That day I let go of that reluctance and took the next step towards a new adventure … “Done, book it!” And there you go. There I am looking over Machu Picchu, bordering on tears and feeling absolutely, no-doubt-about-it, ALIVE. 

Your time is now. G Adventures is giving away 3 life-changing adventures around the world– if you’re ready to take the #nextstep just follow this link to enter www.gadventures.com.au/next-step

(Competition only available to residents of Australia & New Zealand)


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