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So if you're up to date with my posts by now you've probably had a good insight into the activities available in Vanuatu. Although it was a week all up that I spent there so I thought I'd give a more in-depth view of the trip in case you've got Vanuatu on your bucket list!

First stop was Moyyan House by the Sea on the island of Espiritu Santo - I've already mentioned the amazing cabin we had at Moyyan (in this post) and of course I took full advantage of the hammock available. To get to Espiritu Santo Air Vanuatu run flights from Port Vila.

Next stop was Aore Island Resort - you can get a short 15-25 minute ferry to Aore from the mainland throughout the day. We were definitely on 'island time' by the time we got here and spent our days paddle boarding, riding bicycles around the island, snorkelling, kayaking, kava tasting and sitting around relaxing. At Aore Resort they also have both family and 'adults only' sections of the resort to cater to everyone.

Last stop was Port Vila where I stayed at The Terraces apartments. The managers there, Tom & Bec, are legends! They definitely make you feel at home. While there I enjoyed some amazing meals and fancy drinks (thanks Tom!) at Mangoes next door and even a bit of morning yoga overlooking the infinity pool and seaside below. 

I hope this helps those looking for a bit of inspiration while planning your island getaways and if you have any questions just leave me a comment below. 



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