photo IMG_4057 copy.jpg photo IMG_4058 copy.jpg photo IMG_4063 copy.jpg photo IMG_4060 copy.jpg photo IMG_4059 copy.jpg photo image1-17 copy.jpg wearing: crop - sportsgirl, shorts - somedays lovin, shades - Rayban via Vision Direct AU

I've just returned from a dreamy trip to Bali and the Gili islands in Lombok! It was my second time visiting the party island of Gili T however the last time I was there I believe I was underage and therefore not taking full advantage of what that blissful place has to offer. If you didn't notice the sunset photo above I urge you to look again and see exactly what it offers (hint: actual magic). 

Days were spent cycling along the beach and soaking up the sun in hammocks built in the shallows of the tropical waters along the beach, while nights were spent downing cocktails at sunset accompanied by the soundtrack of a drum circle then cycling into town to enjoy live music (shout out to Sama Sama - the place to be).

We stayed in a hotel that was completely pink which happened to perfectly match my new hexagon shades via VisionDirectAU. I'd definitely recommend the hexagon style to anyone who's still loving their circle shades but need a fresh change - that's why I chose them (plus light sunglasses like these are great to travel with). More from my trip to come soon! 



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