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If you've read older posts you will remember i decided to make the 'floppy bow' that recently hit American apparel.
Well I've finished and it was easier than i expected!
And if i do say so myself i think it looks quite similar to the one in stores (though i think mine is a touch smaller and needs to be ironed flat on the ends.) What do you think?
By a lovely coincidence my mum gave me an old velvet dress that she didn't want any more and i cut off the bottom and made this bow and converted it into a mini dress. Can't wait to wear it in autumn but meanwhile I'll be rockin' this little baby!


Do it Yourself!
As you can see in the photos below all i did was:

  • Sewed a rectangle shape on the machine then turned it inside out (or outside out)
  • I then made an extra strip of velvet about an inch wide to wrap around the middle
  • I didn't want to sew the strip onto the rectangle bow part so i can move and manipulate it when im wearing it. All i did was sew the two ends of the strip together tight around the bow
  • i then slipped it onto a bought headband.

i was also going to cover the headband in velvet but ended up not doing so.
If you wanted your bow a bit stiffer you can always put some iron-on interfacing on the inside before sewing it up.

Price on AA=$42
My DIY price= $2.50 (for the headband)






  1. gorgeous!! It looks so good :) I'll definetly be trying this one

  2. it's perfect, you look so cute, I want one now!

  3. Thanks! i love how it turned out. I didnt take it off all day when it was done =)


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