Empty Platform

This morning was a time of peace and relaxation for me. I'm surprised i didn't even light my new stress relief candle. After a casual night out with some friends (see outfit below) i took every pleasure in staying in bed and wasting the morning away. A slight chill has come over Sydney and last night I was thrilled to be able to sleep cosy under one of my dunas. I spent the morning snuggled in bed reading my book and drinking earl grey.

I'm extremely fond of reading and books and usually go through quite a few books each month but for a month or so I've been stuck on this one book. Not really stuck but just moving at a snails pace. And its not that the book is terrible, its actually quite good, I just seem to forget where I'm up to and what just happened. It is probably one of the harder books I've read and it does have bible thin pages. Not to mention there are fourteen books in the series. Lets just say I'll be a little bit proud of myself when I finish the first one.

Have i already written that I found a whole pill of NEW books the other day whilst op shopping? It looked like someone very cool but very silly had just discarded their bookshelf. I only took 5 of the best but believe me I wanted to give them all a home.

So on my list of things i did today:
1. watched the wind and rain in the trees outside whilst cosy in my bed
2. Read, read and read more
3. re-painted my nails
4. little bit of drawing in my sketch book
5. ate mac and cheese whilst blogging to you guys.

Ahhh rested and ready to hit the town again tonight

Hope your all having a lovely weekend




  1. these photos are so cute and your style is absolutely amazing <3 =))



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