I am so excited to announce Spin Dizzy Fall’s first giveaway!
The lovely Maree from buysterrugs online has offered to send out one of their amazing rugs to one of my beautiful readers!

Most of my work is done from home so naturally I love being surrounded by beautiful things and this antique styled rug would be an amazing treat!
I got to pick the rug I wanted to give away to that one lucky reader and this one reminded me of the starry night sky, antique books and magic!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below plus your email address so I can email you if you win. And that’s it! Also if you become a follower (or already are one) your name goes in the draw twice, so you have an even better chance at winning!
The giveaway is only open to Australia so sorry international readers.

This detailed piece is 60cmx90cm and will fit nicely in front of your fireplace (if your lucky enough to have one) or at the foot of your bed.
This is a giveaway so if you win your brand new rug will be sent to your doorstep, free!
This rug can help you make a room even more magical.

The winner will be drawn on the 18th of march at 7:30pm

source: buysterrugs, vouge, yen


  1. Hi, i love your blog - and ebay store, what a great prize!
    keep up the good work, love your style
    jess xox

  2. Hello,
    thankyou for giving me the opportunity to win this rug. I love it so much its just amazing and it would go fabulous in my room just next to my drawers :)

    my email is: chelsealever@hotmail.com

    I saw your post on facebook and I just had to enter :0

    thanks again xx

  3. Oh I wish I could enter, but I'm in the US. Some girl is going to be very lucky! The collection of photos is beautiful :)

  4. This is a very beautiful give-away. I'll be following you.

    PS... I recommend Canon. They have the best lenses and they also have good after sales service. xoxo

  5. Hahahaha! Wait, I can't join... I just saw the part about Australia. Can it be stretched to Asia? xoxo

  6. This is absolutely awesome!
    You blog often and treat your readers almost everyday; something that takes dedication and time. Thanks so much. cocoa_adele26@hotmail.com

  7. Gorgeous rug; it does remind me of antique books, for some reason!

    Love the pic you've posted from WIldfox COuture's lookbook!

    e-mail: stacxylong@gmail.com

    Stace x

  8. omg such a cool rug, its so antique and detailed
    email: macrowne@mlc.vic.edu.au

    love your blog also, im a follower :)

  9. amazing rug, would look beautiful in my new apartment!

    - e.kordov@gmail.com

  10. i love the photos...i remember seeing the first couple in vogue, i think. and you're amazing how you can post so often, keep it up. thanks


  11. love that rug :)
    too bad it's only for australian residents

    anyway, i love your blog!
    care to exchange link?


  12. Aaaw... would have loved that for my new apartment. ^_^ Too bad I live in London.

  13. hello love, i am visiting your blog today for the first time and i have to tell you that your blog and especially your outfits are amazing!!really...as well you have a great body! really..gorgeous outfits and wonderful accessoires!maybe you wanna visit my blog as well and follow me?:o)...
    wish you a nice evening!

  14. umm, that rug is amazing. On another note I love your blog and am following (I swear that's not just because of the competition ! haha) x

  15. ohhh man! That rug is gorgeous sadly I can't join :( Heeee But I hope it goes to a good home !

  16. Hi, i love your blog - and ebay store, what a great prize!
    keep up the good work, love your style
    jess xox


    HOT rug

  17. woops to late to leave my email adress?

  18. Wow found your blog via eBay and I'm glad I did (less the rug). Keep up the awesome work... (now following)


  19. I have been following your blog after your interview with Brooke from re:new. I check it out every day and love that you update so regularly! :) I was inspired by your note placing around the place, I've done the same in my office blog. Have a beautiful day!!! xxxx

  20. avid follower.
    and rug lover!!




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