Mysterious gravestones

The other day, I had finished my work for the week so I decided to take some pictures with my new antique camera that I mentioned a couple posts ago. But of what?
I decided to channel ‘Amelie’ or maybe ‘colour me Katie’ for a day and place heart stickers, Beatles quotes and ‘Lost Unicorn’ flyers all over my local area.

I bought a tape dispenser, a couple packets of stickers and new film then got to work! It was fun driving around spotting places to leave little signs so that passers by would see them and (hopefully) smile or giggle to themselves.
You get the biggest adrenaline rush pulling over then running out and quickly taping your sign to a pole, meanwhile passers by are giving you strange looks and stopping in their tracks.

Oh and guess what! I got the film that was in my old camera when I bought it developed at the store and they are all pictures of a country graveyard! Very cool and me and the photo lady had a good chat as we looked through them. And now I know the camera works and takes great photos.

Also last night I made this blossom headband and can’t wait to wear it! I have been planning on doing it for a while but when I went to the fabric store their flowers were $3 each! This way I only paid $2 for a whole bunch of little flower buds at the $2 store =)

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies

Do something out of the ordinary


  1. love how your headband turned out =D
    and the photos are amazing!

  2. your sticker projects is so inspirational! i especially love the "lost unicorn" signs :)


  3. Wow, those graveyard photos are so cool! Film always has the prettiest look to it; so unique.

  4. i wish you lived near me so if you left messages // stickers around my town i could smile them. it's a brilliant idea! :)
    your photo's are really really good.

  5. we should all leave positive notes along the road, and spread the love...Amelie and Katie r both inspiring...btw, u're gorgeous, following your blog now via bloglovin :)


  6. oooh you're such a sweetie. i would have loved to walk around and see those signs :D
    lucky you with that camera! those photos are awesome :)
    <3 xx


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