Product Review: Falke 'Alizee Tights'!

The lovely ladies from Falke have sent me these Alizee Tights and I am smitten! Sorry to give away the ending already but I can’t help it! I’m in love.

The Alizee tights are the softest and most comfortable tights I’ve ever worn. They are so detailed and beautiful, the other stockings in my drawer are getting jealous! Anyway, enough of my loving worship, here’s the review!

Item type: Tights/Stockings
Material: Material composition - 91% Polyamide, 8% Elastane, 1% Cotton
Colour: Black (also available in Brenda-Brown and Opal- Blue)

Short Description: Must have stylish, intricate lace tights featuring a large intertwining floral pattern. Comfort waistband and soft seam toe, ensuring all over comfort.

Feeling when wearing: The tights are so soft and delicate, I feel like a queen. An enchanting, seductive queen that is.
Best climate: Autumn and winter of course (even suitable for spring)! You’ll definitely see these more than once on me this winter.
Where to wear: Fancy tea parties, classy dinner dates or casual but elegant days in the city! Wear these when you want to feel special.
Would look great with: Lovely mini skirts or flowy dresses. Also look fab layered with ankle socks and sandal heels.

Tips: Be careful with these babies, you’ll want to keep them for a very long time and you wouldn’t want to catch your rings on them. Lace tights are classic and will always be chic.
Price: $79.AUS

Website/Store: https://falke.com.au/

If you would like me to review your product contact me at emmlucey@hotmail.com


  1. love the tights! super cute :))


  2. LOVE THE RED SHOES, SO CUTE. anyway i was reading some of your older posts and saw the one about a bookshop "cave of treasures", the shop looks really familiar...i don't want to sound like a stalker but is it in Padstow, across from the train station?

  3. gorgeous outfit you chose!
    it's nice how the tights could be dressed up or at the same time they could be casual.

    tee&fame x

  4. Love the shoes. They are great!!

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  6. wow pricey tights but they are gorgeous.


  7. oh so in love with those tights went and bought some online straight away, woops.

  8. Wow,the pattern on it is so gorgeous! I really love that its comfy to wear out :)

    And gorgeous with those red wedges you have on!


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