Blogger Interview: Laura & Sara from FeelGoodLookCool



Identical twins Laura & Sara are tall, slender, blonde and bold.
Just recently this captivating duo announced to shocked fans and followers that they would be closing their unique style blog ‘feelgoodlookcool.’


I, myself, have been an avid reader and loyal follower of feelgoodlookcool since I started blogging and was quite upset to be saying goodbye to their refreshing posts (not to mention their sleek and classic style outfit inspiration).

They often posted photos of mouth watering lunches, daily outfits, suggested movies or restaurants and best of all they are candy addicts and loved showing photos of their little ‘picnics’ and bowls of ‘candies’!


I had a Q&A with the twins to find out things like 'their all time favorite candy' and why they decided to stop blogging on ‘feelgoodlookcool’.

S: Sara
L: Laura

S: 19
L: 19

S&L: Helsinki, Finland


1. What got you into blogging?
S: I lived in Sweden few years ago and we wanted to show our new clothes, feelings etc. to each other so we decided to start blogging. But when I came back from Sweden we decided to hide that blog and start a new one (feelgoodlookcool) together to share our passion for fashion, food and other interests with people.
L: I have always love different kinds of styles and wanted to share my style with other people.

2.Being identical twins, did you ever get up to any fun twin tricks?
S: haha oh yeah. For example when we were about 14 years old and we had on-the-job learning week in our school. I worked in a clothing store with my friend and Laura worked in one coffee with her friend and we wanted to change the places so I went to Laura’s job and she went to mine hahah and they didn’t notice anything even though we made many mistakes like my friend called Laura at her name when the boss was there and she of course wondered why my friend called Laura because the name was Sara ahha but it was so funny and didn’t cause any harms!!!
L: I’m not very good what it comes to math so once Sara did my math exam =) and there is lots of little tricks we have done.


3. You girls recently decided to hide your blog, why?
S&L: Yes there is quite a lot of reasons for that but maybe the most important was that we didn’t feel that we were the people that most people supposed us to be. We have grown up and maybe some day we will start blogging again when we know what kind of picture of us we want to give people.


4. What do you do and what do you do in a normal day?
S: Every day is little different but almost everyday we work few hours in an office. It is an evening job so in the morning we go to shopping, meet friends, go to cinema or walking and of course we have a lots of school work now before our summer holiday will start.
L: yes pretty same things that Sara listed. After hiding our blog it feels you have so much more time per day because writing posts and taking pictures took quite a bit of time. I don’t know if it’s good or bad thing:D


5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
S: I would love to live in California, Usa or some other smaller place in USA.
L: I would also LOVE to live in California. Maybe some day I will =)

6. What are you looking forward to the most this summer?
S: FREEDOM. AHAH I mean there is so many things like sunshine, cycling, picnics, strawberries with ice-cream, shorts with a cowboy boots, traveling to California and long mornings and nights.
L: Even the word Summer makes me smile=) I’m so exciting about our upcoming trip to California in Summer but also the smaller things like long, warm nights at the beach, summer clothes are something I’m so looking forward to!


7. What inspires you and who are your style icons?
S: People who are happy the way they are by being natural. People who love others and are warm and nice. I love Miley Cyrus because I feel she accepts herself.
L: Everything I hear, taste or see inspires me. Like yesterday I saw a very very pretty little girl with freckles and long hair at the super market and I got inspired by her. My style icons are people who really can wear any clothes they want no matter how big or small they’re and I notice it when people are confident and they know that they look good. These people are most stylish.


8. Whats your (current) Favourite:
Nail colour?
S: For me I don’t like to use any colour but I like black.
L: I’m very bad at using nail colour but let’s say rosa because of summer.

S: hmm wellington boots right now but I love ballerina shoes.
L: I’m so obsessed in wellington boots!!! No matter if the sun is shining =)

Brand of Clothing to wear?
S: Acne.
L: It can be Ralph Lauren or H&M.

S: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.
L: This is very difficult question because there is so many good ones…hmm…sorry I can’t decide.


Place to shop?
S: Soho in Nyc.
L: I love Stockholm because I know the places there =)

Place to visit?
L&S: I loved Nyc.


S: Different kinds of salads, Chinese food, Asian food, gourmet pizza with rucola, baguette with cheese, smoothies, berries with natural yogurt, yogurt ice-cream, tortillas, some soups, porridge. Just some to mentioned :D
L: I love food so this is sooooo difficult one but at the moment I love thai food, pumpkins bread, different kinds of salad made by me =) , scones and vanilla cone.

S: My sister’s keeper, Pretty woman etc.
L: There is so many but The pride and prejudice is good one. I like Keira Knightly a lot.

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
S: Go to the cinema and try some new restaurants, buy a huge candy bag and walk in the same time with my best sister, spend hours of hours talking with my cousin and sister…
L: Thanks my dear^^J I love also talking with my sister in our big sofa at night, taking long walking outside and reading blogs and magazines.


9.What is your all time favourite candy?
S: The best question ever but at the same time the hardest for people who are candy addicts :D But I really love Candy king especially all the chewing ones. SO bulk candies not chocolate.
L: haah what a question! I think you know us well:D hmmmm I love fruit candies mixed with salt ones. I always do hamburgers and put them all in my mouth at the same time:D hahah maybe the only time I’m quiet because I can’t speak:DDD


10. Tell us the meaning or reason behind your blog name (feelgood lookcool)?
S: First I have to say that when we created that name we didn’t think about it that much but now I think that it is a good name because everybody should first feel good in every way before they can look cool because you really can’t change who you are.
L: Yes, you look cool when you feel good, so simple =)


11. Will we be seeing you again in the future?
S&L: We would say YES because we have so many dreams what we would love to share with people so if our dreams comes true we’ll definitely see you all great people some day =)


Thank you Laura & Sara for your answers and I can't wait till we can see you again!

Love emma


  1. ooo i miss them! i'm happy u got to do an interview with them. loved it :)


  2. yeah i'm sad to say goodbye to their blog as well, i loved it!

  3. i have never seen thier blog and im sad i now dont get to, they seem so gorgeous and sweet, - i always love reading your interviews emma:)


  4. HHAHAHA:D That was so funny to read. You have done very good job:) Thanks cutie<3

    We miss you all too!! <3

    ps. Some photos were quite old and it was nice to see them again:)

  5. I am really sad I wasn't able to read their blog, cause i never found it before.
    But i think that their blog was amazing.
    and the two twinnies really seem to be amazing, interesting and just soooo beautiful. And i love what they are wearing :)
    Hope their blog will come back some day. :)

  6. I miss them so much, great interview!


  7. Awesome interview, those girls are rad!



  8. they're so incredibly charming!! oh my!



  9. Hi babe!

    AWESOME interview. I loved these girls too - they were adorrrable. Hope they come back soon!

    xxxx BEL


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