why am i awake?

oh i remember! Because I'm a fool who forgets to take care of herself. And also because i finished my book last night and haven't bought the next one yet so instead of a little read before bed i get distracted by blogspot.

I feel like a stress ball.
Let me explain... When people are stressed they pick up this squishy ball (known as a stress ball) and squeeze the living daylights out of them to relieve stress. But where does all the stress go i wonder? It is transferred right into the core of the stress ball you say?
Well yes, i feel like a stress ball. I think i need a stress ball.. and someone to slap me across the face so i cease this pointless rambling.

Stress balls are a gimmick anyway.

The weekend is now here though i don't know what to do with it (and its a long/3 day/holiday weekend too).

(Oh yeah, by the way heres an outfit. I wore this the other day whilst working and running around for the spindizzyfallvintage store. I really liked this outfit actually, real comfy. Got in on the splash of cobalt blue trend for the day - full piece-vintage, leather bag from colarado and favourite boots)





ps. sorry for being sour


  1. LOL stress balls.
    I had a teacher in the 5th grade that would throw it at us [not roughly] if we were stressed, to lighten up the mood, or to answer a question. Very random. lol but never looked at stress balls again without thinking of that class.

    Very chic outfit. I love the structure of it. It's a good silouet; lady gaga says if you were to walk behind a curtin and the crowd was to only see your shadow, a strong silouet is what they'll remember. [or something like that lol]

    <3 Krissy

  2. I use my baby blanket as my stress ball, it's weird but it works!

  3. ahaha stress ball, when i was young i had a stress ball and I played with it like other balls!
    Love the outfit!


  4. stress balls just give me more anxiety D:
    loved your outfit by the way

  5. gorgeous :D
    haha i have a stress FISH. take that for non-conforming :p
    its eyes pop out when you squish it

  6. not sour:) dont worry i am always stressed my friend keeps trying to buy me a stress ball. loving your outfit! the blue is amazing, have a great long weekend

  7. I believe it takes a brave woman to wear, and pull off, a jumpsuit of any kind or colour. You do it wonderfully.


  8. loooove the jumpsuit, awesome design and colour! x


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