Blogger Interview: Erika Marie from Fashion Chalet


Over her years of blogging and sharing her outfits with us this lady has produced so many flawless photographs that it is impossible to display all of them here in this Q&A. Not only is she known for her amazing outfits, ideas and settings she has an unbelievable shoe collection and is easily recognized when your eyes fall upon her (almost) never ending locks!

She is Erika Marie from Fashion Chalet.


Name: Erika Marie


From: Miami, Fl. recently relocated to Raleigh, NC

Fashion Chalet


What got you into blogging?
An urge to photograph what I wear and then share it with others. I also enjoy making collages and wanted a place to post them. I researched blogspot and liked it.

What is the most asked question from your readers?
What products do I use for my hair.

Well, your hair IS amazing. How long have you been growing your hair and how long is it now?
Thank you. :) I had it past my waist and it took about 2 and a half years. I just cut it last week but it's still pretty long to most (to me it seems so short though.)


How do you decide what to wear each day?
Sometimes I wake up in the morning wanting to wear a new pair of shoes other times I find stuff in my closet that I haven't seen in months and really want to liven them up again. Lately I've been rocking my "vintage" True Religion jeans from a few years ago with my Alexander Wang tank.

You are great at covering different styles and trends. What’s you favourite style to wear?
Aw :) thank you! I love grunge but am always pulled towards feminine and classic. I think I fall somewhere in between modern and romantic 1950's?


How many pairs of heels do you own?
I don't even know! (this must be bad) Too many. They are all in boxes and have their own closet.

What do you do and what’s in a normal day for you?
I'm a part time writer from home. I also occasionally play stylist to some local clients on the weekend. A regular day for me is waking up by 9am, having coffee while I write and work. I would say that blogging is my other job.

Erika Marie with Karen from WhereDidYouGetThat (left) and with Alexa Chung

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Paris! ;)

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?
The beach!!!

What inspires you and who are your style icons?
Everything. I love to drink the world around me in. Anything can be inspiring if looked at from the right angle. ;) I have so many icons. Right now on rotation: Alexa Chung, Nicole Richie, Erin Wasson, Olivia Palermo, MK Olsen and fashion editorials.


What’s your Favourite:

Nail colour?


Balenciaga platform cork sandals

Item of Clothing to wear? skinny jeans

The Witches by Roald Dahl

Place to shop?
Online, forever 21 and h&m

Place to visit?
New York <3>


Crossroads (hhaha, yes I said that)

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Read, dance and biking


Have you ever been recognised or stopped by a Fan of your blog?
The last time I went to New York a few readers stopped and introduced themselves to me. I always feel shy when it happens but at the same time am just as excited to meet them.

And Lastly, tell us the meaning or reason behind your blog name?
My dream is to one day see Paris, France. I wanted a "French" sounding name and thus: Fashion Chalet was born. A little "house" that showcases my day to day inspirations and dressing lifestyle.


All photos from Fashion Chalet
Interview by Emma Lucey – Spin Dizzy Fall


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