drum roll please! [giveaway winner]


I used a random number generator to choose a completely random winner out of the 80 entries to the Spin Dizzy Fall Giveaway.

And the winner of the d_luxe custom made 'spin' pendant is.......

Jess from 'The Velvet Bow'!


I'm hoping to have another giveaway before i go overseas (late june) so stay tuned dears!
Also if you absolutely loved the custom made pendant by d_luxe you can contact the team [here] to arrange to get your very own one of a kind necklace made just for you!

Above is my first "Animated Picture" (getting all technical aren't I?....no not really)
I wore this bold basic out with friends a couple weeks ago and thought it would make a good silhouette
(wearing: vintage top, basic leggings and vintage goth boots)


If your following me on twitter you might remember i recently bought some boots to replace my buckle boots (that have well and truly overdosed on life).

They were $15 from Big W and I found them in the 'comfort' section.
I love them! I could totally see someone like Heidi Klum or Erin Wasson wearing them on a day off with a pair of jeans. They also come in tan brown (hard choice hmm)


I had porridge in a cup today. Has anyone else had these yet? (oats by Uncle Toby) I had the honey flavour (still needs a bit of brown sugar but yum!)


Also another recent buy: this amazing vintage black purse. Its a hard square design with gold detail [LOVE!]

Its been rainy and gross here in Sydney lately so I've been taking advantage of the weather by "accidentally" sleeping in and drinking tea. So yes, rain = less outfit posts
(though i am doing something exciting this week so will have some soon!)


p.s I'm shopping around for a new digital SLR and need help! Who loves their camera and what is it? (kinda want a Canon)


  1. mmm i love porridge especially on a winters morning and i use a canon 5d mark 2, its amazing :)

    x courtney


  2. aww congrats to jess! and that gif is feakin awesome, i was hypnotised by it for about five minutes;)..also love your new buys, perfect for winter. i have a nikon D40 and it is awesome, but my friend has a cannon, and the colour is amazing, she is in love, have a fab week

  3. congratulations to jess! wow that vintage purse is absolutely lovely and those boots look so comfy. sadly i don't have one of those modern dslrs so i don't really have any suggestions sorry :( xx

  4. Ooh how exciting! I never win anything :)

    Those boots are sweet, oh the funny things you can find in random places.

    I just bought a Canon 550d. I adore it. I know lots of people with Nikons and in my opinion Canons beat them by far (especially if you want HD video recording). It's made me want to take so many more photos as they come out so well. Go Canon!!

  5. I love making gif animations like that! A great tool for procrastination! :)
    Love those boots, do they come in other colours? I may have to head on down to Big W.

  6. hey em, just txted my friend, and i got mixed up - she has a sony A320, and i dont know why i thought they were the same brand:S but she also said that canons are absolutely amazing the best are the D1000 or the D50 - because she recently went camera shopping:) hope i helped good luck with the camera hunt!

  7. Hey em i have a canon, not sure what model exact but was around the $900 mark but that was at christmas , i adore it very good camera..now i just need some lighting lol xx

  8. congrats to jess- a great win!
    i love the new boots! xxx

  9. congrats to jess!
    I'm so excited to enter your next givaway as I didn't manage to enter this one.

    I absolutely adore your blog! x

  10. I love my camera! Nikon d90. its definitely one of the best in it's price range, AHMAZING video, it was the first with HD vid capabilities. if you want to see some examples, go to my photo blog, they're all unedited
    -mel xx
    p.s. love your blog. Found you in Grazia of course. when they brought out the your space section life got better ahaha

  11. i have a Nikon D3000, its a great camera for a beginner very easy to use. The kit lense is rubbish so you will need to get either a 35 or 50mm.. Although in my opinion you will quickly outgrow this camera and should aim for a higher model a D90 or a D300 if you can afford it x

    p.s. check your hotmail!

  12. Love the BAG! Amazing. And mm. Porridge. Best over winer.

    Congrats to Jess!

    And about the SLR - I will always say Nikon. But if you're set on Canon the EOS 450 is awesome. Good luck with the camera hunting!


  13. i use canon eos 1000d, and i pleased with the camera, but if you have to opportunity to buy canon eos 450d, yyou should ! i heard its very great camera and have scored 6's in many magazines


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