PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: Skirt - Naven, Necklace - House of Harlow (both Eyegasm Brands  03 9528 7300), Dress (worn as top) - Lola Vs Harper, Heels - Rubi,  Coat - vintage.

Well lookie here, I'm a triplet.
Maybe if I were, the amount of clothes in my wardrobe (and second wardrobe, clothes racks and bedroom floor) would be justified! 

I'm well and truly back to uni and work duties now so a balancing act is guaranteed. Luckily I was once a gymnast with my best apparatus being the Beam (aka the long, raised plank). Unfortunately as I grew a couple things got in the way of completing routines (as in those couple things located below the neck and above the waist.... yep). 

Been watching much of the Olympics? Yes, that is the point of all this rambling about planks and triplets. I've mainly been watching people falling off sailing boats and people not pole vaulting. 



  1. That skirt is so lovely and floaty and perfect - and neon!
    It would be mine

  2. You look divine! x

    please check out my blog sometime xx

  3. hahaha oh the comment on 'those things' that stopped you doing gymnastics, amen sista. Love love that skirt

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  4. what a great skirt! I'm really loving your shoes too :)

    Salem Style

  5. Lovely look Emma!
    I honestly wish I was a triplet sometimes...just thank of all the clothes involved with that! :)

    I love how bright and fun your skirt is. The gorgeous neon yellowy color, the edgy zipper on the size, and the flowy material all contribute to create a gorgeous skirt that looks super versatile. I like how you paired your skirt with a very simple white top and some cute black heels to focus attention on the skirt...great outfit overall!
    Your blue nails add a fun touch of color and contrast. They look amazing with this look!

    I couldn't agree more with Camilla.
    That little bit was pretty hilarious if I may say so myself.
    As for the Olympics, let's not even go there.

    Have a wonderful day Emma! <3

    The Ace of Hearts


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