Space Cadet

Photobucket wearing:
Dress - Fairground via Esther Boutique 
Coat & boots - vintage
Sunglasses- AM eyewear
Bracelet - PeepToe

 I attended a little blogger event in the city hosted by Shop2 to introduce us to the new social media-meets-fashion website. There were drinks and sweets (Thanks Carmen) abound and even some amazing cake-pops that I am going to have to try make myself some day because I didn't get to eat all mine due to my wisdom teeth (but that half was the best cake-pop I've ever had!)

I got to wear this dress from Esther Boutique that I've been raving about on instagram and have had some lovely compliments on it already! The cap sleeves are really flattering.

So since then I have had a little play on the website and already started on a birthday wishlist album. My birthday is in September and so far I'm thinking a polaroid camera and SHOES!
Speaking of polaroid, has anyone seen the new one that is coming out this month?
I don't think it will be as fun as the polaroid film ones so might just get the last business card type one. 

Any info/recommendations on the newer polaroid cameras would be great as I only own the old vintage ones!




  1. Loving the galaxy print trend! The dress looks fab on you :)

    Jess xx


  2. I love this dress!! I wish i would have seen it this yesterday - we did a space-inspired post today :) Would love for you to checkout our blog!


    xo, April & Brittan

  3. Hi, I'm from China and I have noticed your blog 2 years ago. Thank you for sharing your life and taste of fashion with us. I like your taste and you're very pretty! Have a nice day!

  4. Love that dress, you look gorgeous!

    As for cameras, I have a vintage Polaroid & a Fujifilm Instax. The Fujifilm is really good, super easy to use & the film works out to about $2 a photo (instead of $5 like the Polaroids!). Plus it's a pretty good size to just chuck in your bag. Hope that helps! xx

    1. Sounds perfect! I was thinking of the Fujifilm so I will do a little more research :)
      Where did you purchase yours? xx

  5. The cap sleeves are super cute!! Love the print too!! xx danii


  6. Those sweets look so super yumz =P

    Regarding camera, I've had my Fujifilm for almost 10 years and am still loving it so so much! It's just so user friendly and films are much cheaper (there are lots of bargains on ebay =D). I do also prefer the size of the photo of Fujifilm coz they can fit into my purse!


  7. you look so wonderful, we are in love with your galaxy dress!


  8. LOve this cosmic dress just wonderful !!

  9. I should go to sleep, but I can`t stop browsing your blog...:)



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