photo P1160900_zps7b1b134d.jpg photo P1160897_zps92b94a70.jpg photo P1160898_zpsc0d7534b.jpg photo P1160908_zps51c96185.jpg photo P1160915_zpsa818d4c3.jpg photo P1160912_zps62b17287.jpg photo P1160889_zps345c96c0.jpg photo P1160947_zpsa6241b11.jpg photo P1160954_zpsc239f535.jpg photo P1160911_zpsdbc9223d.jpg wearing: Dress - Pink Stitch via Market HQ, Gold Necklace - Dixi, hat - General Pants, Sweater - Sportsgirl, shoes - Zu, shades - Oscar Wylee, bag - Status Anxiety.

Ok, so maybe I'm addicted to hats. I can honestly say that I have acquired too many hats that they don't even fit in their 'place' in my wardrobe. The stack of hats on a shelf has been piled up so high, I can't fit anymore and have taken to sliding them in tight spots to stay flat. For example, on top of a row of books or on top of my scarf box.... but don't even get me started on my scarf box. After a lovely day out near the ocean I am actually cuddled up with my puppy and drinking tea after tea to try and forget that I likely have a nice case of the flu coming on. I can't wait till Luke gets home so I can thank him for passing his sickness onto me! I'm hoping his apology will involve cooking me dinner - a girl can dream, right?

Photos: Kate Boissett


  1. Love this look! :)

    Your hair looks amazing and this skirt makes everything so nice <3

  2. just discovered your blog and I am in love with all of your outfits! I will be checking this regularly :)


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