photo P1190116_zpsb85de375.jpg photo P1190134_zps875ab789.jpg photo P1190238_zpsc50258e1.jpg photo P1190161_zps58b90bc8.jpg photo P1190196_zpse76f9d46.jpg photo P1190198_zps0438243d.jpg photo P1190242_zps384c8b37.jpg photo P1190276_zpscec03a86.jpg photo P1190252_zps9484d900.jpg photo P1190278_zpsa860e8ff.jpg photo P1190283_zpsf3ebf3c6.jpg photo P1190341_zps84ef3772.jpg photo P1190383_zps4394b83e.jpg photo P1190372_zps8410fab8.jpg photo P1190397_zpsb4607119.jpg photo P1190404_zps6e09ba33.jpg photo P1190398_zpsc9bccb75.jpg photo P1190443_zps4ccccb8e.jpg photo P1190409_zps8cd0b386.jpg photo P1190412_zps3cc118d0.jpg photo P1190431_zpsd00b0d9d.jpg photo P1190434_zps5343359f.jpg Outfit 1: See last post hereOutfit 2: Dress - Keepsake, jacket - Boda Skins, shoes - Next, bag - Next.

Day 3 might have been my favourite day in London - the Next team showed us such a great time! First up it was breakfast at famous The Wolseley. I'm not usually a sweet tooth but I couldn't pass up these pancakes - I did not regret these one bit! Then it was off to the Bond St Next store for a style challenge - you've already seen my first outfit but my second is coming soon (see a sneak peek in my Day 3 video diary). Next it was off to The Shard where we were treated with a stunning lunch at Oblix - I order tuna tartare which I wish I had right now (my mouth is watering just thinking about it). The food was incredible but the view was breathtaking. After we spent the afternoon wandering around south London we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Sketch. I didn't think anything could top the day we had but Sketch was unreal. It was like we were in the middle of a Wes Anderson film and it just blew my mind the whole time. Great food, great eye candy (decor, staff and customers - it was definitely 'the place to be' in London) and great company! Also those toilets - boy, what a spin (check out my video above to see what I'm on about)!



  1. Amazing pics!!! such a great post:)
    Have a nice week dear,

  2. Looks like you're having such a great time, I love the photographs, that food looks incredible! xx


  3. These pictures of London are awesome.
    Great shoes !!

  4. Crazy bathrooms! Love your jacket. xx Jenelle


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