photo P1240338_zps885be386.jpg photo P1240267_zps7f561b0e.jpg photo P1240264_zpsca9b37de.jpg photo P1240204_zpsb956b5cd.jpg photo P1240233_zpsa6050957.jpg photo P1240208_zps7b91b016.jpg photo P1240219_zps74323c4d.jpg photo P1240226_zps532dfac9.jpg photo P1240299_zps2296cc3f.jpg photo P1240278_zpsd6ee49ba.jpg photo P1240309_zps83943d23.jpg photo P1240303_zps73ef0fe0.jpg photo P1240325_zps75e8ae99.jpg photo P1240333_zps312ad029.jpg photo P1240314_zpsc3722506.jpg photo P1240384_zpsf65742f6.jpg photo P1240378_zps2d567c27.jpg photo P1240358_zps30f322d3.jpg photo P1240370_zpsdad717cb.jpg photo P1240343_zps357368ff.jpg photo P1240344_zpsba489410.jpg photo P1240388_zpse63eee14.jpg photo P1240402_zps4f726edd.jpg photo P1240394_zps7abb64fc.jpg wearing: Denim Jacket - Mavi, Top - General Pants, Skirt - Tigerlily, boots - Zu, Shades - ROC eyewear, bag - Status Anxiety. 

Our first day with Mavi in Istanbul was jam-packed with activities. We started the day with a bang with a visit to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque aka the Blue Mosque. We were in absolute awe while we were in there and couldn't drag our eyes away from the magnificent ceiling. We then had a look around the Topkapi Palace - what was once the residence of Ottoman sultans is now a museum filled with jewels & historic pieces. Also nearby was the Basilica Cistern and surprisingly it was one of my favourite things we did - it's the largest underground ancient cistern in Istanbul. Obviously it's not still in use but there is a couple feet of water in there which holds some massive fish. Next we visited one of the best rug/carpet stores in the city. We were treated to apple tea and given a private presentation of how the pieces are made and educated on all the different styles. For lunch we had traditional Turkish cuisine which included testi kebap - a stew made in a clay pot which is smashed open beside your table before being served. We ended the day exploring the Grand Bazzar which was absolutely HUGE! So huge we ended up going back later in the trip for a better look around. Stayed tuned for plenty more from Istanbul! 



  1. That skirt is to die for! Definitely looked like you had an amazing time in Istanbul with all the architecture and the Grand Bazaar :)

    Mel // izzipenelope

  2. ahh this looks incredible! I love how your skirt kind matches the surroundings ha x


  3. Love all the beautifully coloured interiors, amazing pictures as always!


  4. Skirt is so beautiful
    S xx


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