photo P1240441_zps27e4a6c4.jpg photo P1240432_zps6200c6e1.jpg photo P1240547_zps755540c6.jpg photo P1240460_zps868c2537.jpg photo P1240447_zps5eb4fbc7.jpg photo P1240551_zpsce7f118e.jpg photo P1240484_zps4b26d5f0.jpg photo P1240503_zpsf6e2c3f4.jpg photo P1240535_zps4bfa0e3a.jpg photo P1240466_zps925dba72.jpg photo P1240564_zps5b8f61e8.jpg photo P1240568_zps13ef8e67.jpg photo P1240571_zps09124752.jpg photo P1240577_zpsdf218e88.jpg photo P1240574_zps41ad38c7.jpg photo P1240587_zps5304a6e6.jpg photo P1240594_zpsea9ccc1c.jpg photo P1240617_zpsefaa4e8e.jpg photo P1240616_zps6ef7ab09.jpg wearing: Shirt - Mavi Australia, shorts - old, shoes - The Iconic, bag - Status Anxiety.

As you can probably tell from the photos we were treated like absolute royalty when Mavi took us out for a day on the Bosphorus. We were invited on a huge boat and taken on a private tour of the Bosphorus, complete with wine & nibbles. We were then taken to the launch of the new Mavi commercial which featured Istanbul 'It girl', Serenay Sarıkaya and the talented Chase Armitage (seen above doing tricks in Mavi jeans). If that wasn't enough we were also given tickets to go see Lady Gaga. I never pass up the chance to experience live music in a new city - it's so interesting to see how the artist interacts with their audience and vice versa. A great ending to a perfect day! More from Istanbul to come! 



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