photo P1240918_zpsa255dfd4.jpg photo P1240944_zps3b5ffda5.jpg photo P1240939_zps88b2bbc1.jpg photo P1240878_zpscb347368.jpg photo P1240854_zpsf9e33cae.jpg photo P1240848_zpscf9d6d9d.jpg photo P1240762_zps39ee71d1.jpg photo P1240765_zps8b4004e8.jpg photo P1240772_zpsb90d6649.jpg photo P1240795_zpsdc95a4c5.jpg photo P1240798_zps1f396556.jpg photo P1240816_zps01d0e32d.jpg photo P1240807_zpsa62db188.jpg photo P1240823_zps5dcba4f5.jpg photo P1240951_zps448d8377.jpg wearing: jeans - Mavi Australia, top - Market HQ, shoes - Tony Bianco, bag - Status Anxiety.

On our last day in Turkey we were taken on a private tour of the Mavi jeans factory. It was mega. Every staff member had a different job and would pass the designs down the line. From zippers, to pockets, from denim cutting to laser printing. Yes, lasers! As you can see we were also surprised with cute little laser prints of our own. We also saw how they stone wash their designs and how they get the perfect crinkle. So much work is put into each design and you really appreciate the designs when you see how high the quality of production is. After the tour we had a huge lunch - as we were told "you're in Turkey - you got to eat like us!" And we were definitely treated to a feast! 

As I wrap up my Europe posts I want to say a huge thank you to the Mavi Istanbul team for being amazing hosts and Mavi Australia and Trans Turk Travel for making the trip possible in the first place! We had a killer time and it's definitely a trip to remember. 



  1. Your style is so amazing-hope you had an amazing time overseas.

    Very excited to embark on my Europe trip shortly!

    Keep in touch!


  2. Wow...I didn't realise so much work when into one pair of jeans!! Nice to hear you had a wonderful trip around Europe!! ;)

  3. How interesting. It's pretty cool to see the process, the spraying, dying, thank you for sharing.
    Congrats for your trip, looking forward to the video.
    xx Jenelle


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