photo P1240017_zps266339e1.jpg photo P1240027_zps62343e6e.jpg photo P1230973_zpsb92f79ab.jpg photo P1230995_zpsde15b5a8.jpg photo P1240009_zps02308663.jpg photo P1240056_zps44c842f3.jpg photo P1240043_zps4188b039.jpg photo P1240061_zpsa36e126e.jpg photo P1230877_zps72ebd673.jpg photo P1230863_zpsc459de0b.jpg photo P1230856_zpsc1f53622.jpg photo P1230952_zps5c9cea14.jpg photo P1240115_zps0acc60cc.jpg Outfit #1: skirt - Maurie & Eve, top - General Pants. Outfit #2: Top - Magali Pascal, Shorts - Asos. 

So this is my new favourite skirt.... Sorry for going all 'faaaashion' in the middle of my travel posts but at the time, everything (the skirt, the rooftop, the sunset) just lined up perfectly! I couldn't resist getting a few fun outfit shots. Thanks to my Luke for help with photos - that goes for the whole trip too - what a doll. On our last night in Santorini we enjoyed cocktails while watching the Oia sunset. Still to come is our week in Istanbul, Turkey! Stick around, chaps. x



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