wearing: vintage pleated pants, sheer singlet over basic black singlet, Armani cropped cardigan, shoes from rubi (shhhh) and my vintage eel leather clutch.

The last day was busy but everyone was much more relaxed so we decided to take some photos along the water side.

I wore these amazing high waisted pants (that look like a skirt) that I found a year or so that I have been wanting to wear but never had any place to wear them.
As you can see in my photos I have made an effort to show that these pants are in fact pants by storming up and down the walkway in front of the water. (And you thought I was just being all graceful-like, right?)

The lovely (slash legendary) Zanita took my photo which is like a little blogger dream come true even though I had been hanging out with her (and a whole group of amazing bloggers) all week.

Both above and below photos taken by Zanita


Below: snapped by Maria from fashionfazer



let your light glow [RAFW]

RAFW Day 5
Part 2

Here are some of my shots from on the street and from the Raffles show

Marg, Jess, Me, Sara, Nicole, Zanita and Sophia
Laughs with Susie from Style Bubble


Photographers/bloggers at workPhotobucket
And below some blurry goodness


Below are shots from the Raffles show featuring (in order) Wi son Tan, Chen Zhigang, Byron McGilvray, Peggy Hartanto, Erin Loh and Crystal Tsoi.

Black and white structured pieces

Above: this show had lovely textures and metallic/earthy tones
This show 'Illuminati' featured models with orbs and glow in the dark pieces
Loved these shoes and the beading of the pieces PhotobucketPhotobucket

More Day 5 to come!
Including outfit post, the last shows and blogger farewell dinner



DAY 5 [RAFW] - Ms Couture

My RAFW posts are coming to an end as I am up to day5!
As I looked over my photos this morning I decided I would post the Ms Couture show separately since it was a different experience for me.

It wasn't because it was an under garment show but because of where I was standing! Myself and Darren from boymoments rushed in late so we stood right in front of the runway next to the media/photographer pit. It was probably the best show to experience what the people in the media pit are like.

Not saying it was bad but just really interesting hearing what photographers shout out or comment on. When you're seated you can't hear anything but the music and the snap-snap of cameras but as these models came down the runway flaunting these designs all I could hear was 'oooh sexy!' or as the last model walked 'ohh come back! We want to see more.'

To be honest, it wasn't everyone yelling and I dont know how they behave during shows when the model have clothes on but I thought it was hilarious.


I thought the show was lovely. The pastel colours, the sheer fabric and most of all (yet again) the tassels!
I've made a video of the week which I'll be posting after my Day 5 posts so keep an eye out!



facehunted on Day 4 [RAFW]

wearing: vintage coat, vintage mesh tee, vintage glasses, vintage glass necklace and mimco handbag

Huzzah! An outfit post from day 4 of fashion week!
I wore this human eating, crazy coloured vintage knit coat and it was a little chilly that day so I was all snuggley.

Above are my outfit photos taken by the lovely Marg and below are some street style that were taken.

Also, while waiting for one of the shows we were talking in a circle and a woman comes up, sticks her head in the circle and quick as a flash took some photos of me and my sun glasses. I only realised what happened as she was walking away and I was then informed it was the one and only Patty Huntington! Glad I didnt recognise her behind her sunglasses in that moment because I probably would have made a huge fool of myself!


Above was taken by Yvan and featured on facehunter.com


Another by Yvan Rodric featured on his visual diaryPhotobucket

from walking wardrobe blog
and a couple snaps taken by the dear Joelyne from 'The Sydney Girl'



Day 4 [RAFW] - featuring LIMEDROP


Here are my shots from thursday (Day 4) of RAFW.
I attended Limedrop which I loved! As luck would have it I dashed into the show just in time and was seated front row.
I loved everything about the show. The shoes, the hair & makeup, the appearance of male models ("TWINS!"), the styling and of course the amazingly wearable collection!

Frankly this show was darn exciting. We all love haute couture but I find designs like this much more inspiring because I can wear something like this everyday. The collection from Limedrop was fun and damn hot.
I really liked the high waisted, long, fitted skirts paired with flowy blouses and the fitted high waisted pants (WANT them. NEED them.)
Oh and did I mention there was a kitty?
We got a kitty necklace in our bag too (Gift Bag photos still to come!)

The show featured the amazing shoe designs by The Horse on the male models
I love their stuff, check out their facebook page here
The Horse recently had an amazing stall in Sydney at the Finders Keepers markets too!

Below: Amazing group to spend the morning shows with!
Sally (TheStolen Orchid), Jess (tuula), Yenny (studded hearts), Mandy (oracle fox), Marg (shinebythree) and Joelyne (The sydney Girl)

Bright coloured swimwear and bobs at Kooey


BELOW: Ready to Wear Group 3


Studded clutch at Sally Koeswanto

Intricate dresses and sheer maxi dresses at Billi Keato
Water colour flowing fabric at Luela


Sheer netted fabric and a little americana at Antonia Paris


and the below is from the last show of the day Alistair Trung


Street style and Outfit photos to come!