photo P1080846_zps6c1daa54.jpg photo P1080837_zpsbd63538d.jpg photo P1080832_zps8d4c235e.jpg photo P1080857_zps58b8a16b.jpg photo P1080850_zps85fcb340.jpg wearing: Top - She Inside, shorts - Ottomode, sunglasses - Quay Australia

I thought it would be fun to host a Vietnam themed giveaway since I've been posting so many photos from my trip - you guys deserve a bit of reward for sitting there and reading all my posts, right?
I am happy to announce I'm teaming up with She Inside to giveaway a $100 gift card!

To Enter:
1. Follow Spin Dizzy Fall on GFC or bloglovin (see sidebar)
2. Register on She Inside HERE (So the gift card can be sent to your account if you win)
3. In the comment section below leave your email AND tell me which of my posts from Vietnam has been your favourite so far and why.

Giveaway ends 1st April.

I would also LOVE to hear any travel stories you guys have to share with me about the best places you've ever been to around the world - this isn't part of the giveaway though, just for fun! I aim to see a lot more of the world in the future so would love to hear about some 'must see' places or just fun experiences. Good luck guys!



  1. nice pics;DD



  2. I love your Halong Bay post!! I think the pictures are so beautiful how they are almost misty and foggy, giving it a mystical feel. Also, your dress is what I've been searching for for so long now and now I know where one like it is from!! xx


  3. I love your Halong Bay post!! I think the pictures are so beautiful, how they are misty and foggy giving it a mystical feel hehe. I love the dress that you wore also, that big orange puffer topped it off! xox


  4. so nice pics,
    i love HUE ROYAL TOMBS post, and MARBLE MOUNTAINS, it's so so beautiful, i hope can go anytime!!

  5. Wow!
    I loved the post on Halong bay, the pics are beautiful!!!



  6. Great giveaway! I like Hue Royal Tombs post :)
    Debora Ferri

  7. Halong Bay for sure! Great views, you are so lucky ! Hugs.

  8. I follow your blog via GFC since the begin of this year ( I found your blog and I immediately love it )
    My mail is likeabirkin@hotmail.com and my you tube channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/LikeABirkinBlog and my blog www.likeabirkin.blogspot.com
    Well , I have to tell you that one reason I fell in love with your blog is because of your travels , I love travel and I hope to start to travel to a wonderful places specially South America and above all Asia , and also other thing is because of your style , I really love it
    About what is my fav post of Vietnam , place I really wanted to go ( my boyfriend went this last summer and he told me it is really beautiful ) so if I have to choose one I will choose the Halong Bay post because of the place , it is like a dream ; and if I have to name a post because of the outfit I will choose ... I don´t know ! I love the dress of Castaway´s post , I love the colour of the skirt in My Son Ruins post and I also love the looks of marble mountains and imperial city and the hue royal tombs ; They all are completely different but one thing in common , simplicity . ¨ LESS IS MORE ¨
    Well that´s my looooong comment , sorry hahahaaha


  9. you're amazing beautiful baby


  10. Joined SheInside with facebook!

    So jealous I would love to go to Vietnam :(

    This is my favourite post, mainly because I am in love with that playsuit!



  11. Loved your post from the Royal Tombs- the details of the mosaics were amazing!

  12. I'm registered with danisays@yahoo.com - this top you're wearing today is to-die-for, and your photos of those caves in Halong Bay blew my mind! :)

  13. So far my favourite Vietnam post is the My Son Ruins.
    It looks like the most incredible place, the pictures are amazing and it inspired me to one day take my own trip to Vietnam!



  14. My Son Ruins - the bright & happy modern fashion and the rundown and abandoned ancient temples make for an amazing photography. I enjoyed your photos so much.

    My email is eisabainyo at gmail com

    PS; followed you on GFC & FB and registered & liked She Inside on FB

  15. Love the article on Halong Bay. Great photos!

  16. Following on Bloglovin: http://bloglovin.com/thecraziestparadigm
    Email: limzhuoyuen.bis@gmail.com

    My favourite post out of your Vietnam series has to be either Ha Long Bay or Hoi An because the scenery is just so mystical and the lanterns at Hoi An are gorgeous!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  17. I love the pictures in the posts: My Son Ruins (amazing location), Bai Xep, Castaway and Hue Royal Tombs (love the outfit). Now I want to go to Vietnam so bad.. But favorite post is absolutely My Son Ruins - the pictures are really great and also I loved your outfit in this one as well.

    My email is: malle92_@hotmail.com - I'm a follower on bloglovin'.

  18. I'm going to Vietnam in 43 days and I can't wait! It's going to take me 19 hours to get there but I can't wait. I've been loving every single one of your posts, especially as I'm planning on going to similar places as you did. It's been a long, long winter here and I'm really hoping for some sunshine - seeing your Bai Xep post made me so happy!

    Following you on bloglovin. Email jnforrest@gmail.com

  19. Ha Long bay impressed me with beauty! beautiful place, amazing photos.
    GFC: Lulu

  20. http://www.bloglovin.com/blackasphodel

    My fave is the HUE ROYAL TOMBS post simply because I'm interested in mythology/religion and funeral rituals.

  21. Personally i think that all your posts are amazing and your instagram is to die for but i have to say that my favorite post from your vietnam trip had to be your Hue Royal Tombs post. i really loved your outfit from that day, you have the best clothes i swear and you can make anything look great. my favorite photo out of the whole post was probably the one where you are standing inbetween the two statues, look perfect as per usual. you look great in this post as well, i love your top.
    my email is lucyvineburg@gmail.com
    stay perfect :)

  22. madzia.rokitka@gmail.com

    Selecting only one post was a difficult challenge, because I love your reports from travel and I really could not decide. But the biggest impression made ​​on me post from My Son Ruins. The place feels so incredible that I would like to spend even a few moments and enjoy the uniqueness of the place. I live in Poland and I dream about the possibility of visiting Vietnam, but for now it is only in the realm of my dreams. Photos of your stay there are unusual, I can feel the vibe of the place. Your outfit perfectly fits in this convention. I never had the chance to travel so far, but if I had to choose one place on the globe is certainly it would be Vietnam and My Son Ruins. Sorry for my poor English, I hope that I did not make many mistakes;)
    I look forward to new posts, thanks to you traveling begins to be my passion too.

  23. What an exciting giveaway!
    It's so hard to choose to my favourite post because I love all of it in a different way! Your travelling photos are inspiring, love the style and vibration of it and when I see it I wish I would be there :) So, my fave is the Halong Bay. The weather is misty and foggy, giving it a mystical feel. Caves in the mountain are so beautiful and those food...yummy :) and I also love the My son ruins (it looks like the most incredible place) and Hoi An (full of life pictures) and Hue Royal Tombs (amazing stone statues, river, lovely garden, cool outfit)
    Thanks for the opportunity and fingers crossed! :)

  24. My favorite post is the Marble Mountains/Imperial City post. I love how in a lot of your photos you focused in on the interesting and colorful designs and details on buildings and pathways. I also do that myself when I see a cool design on building or outside. I love the bright mix of primary colors on the gateways. The tiles made of blue and white porcelain are also so beautiful! I also love those metallic silver shorts you are wearing! In your outfits in the post you clearly showed that they can both be dressed up and down.

    In regards to travel recommendations, I highly, highly recommend Vienna, Austria. I studied there for 5 months during University and had the best time of my life. The city most definitely deserves its acclaim for being ranked the city with the best living standard in the world multiple years in a row. Lots of parks, amazing coffee and café culture, as well as food, beautiful museums and art. Everything is very accessible and the city is a perfect size. Not too big, but also not too small so you get that big city feel. It also has a great mix of both old and modern architecture. Vienna is also centrally located in Europe so you can take a train or drive easily to other places such as Budapest, Prague, other parts of Austria, Italy, Poland, etc. I could never stop talking about how wonderful Vienna is! Check out this website for more: http://www.wien.info/en

    My email: aimbergamo16@gmail.com

  25. Bloglovin: isa Machado

    Halong bay was my fav, looks like an amazing place!

  26. Bloglovin: maryk96

    My favorite post is Marble Mountains / Imperial City. It looks so beautiful&peaceful ♥

  27. great giveaway! I'm in!
    i liked the Halong bay post just beacuse i've been there too about 4 years ago and got me all nostalgic :)
    GFC: Naama A
    nam12 [at] walla.co.il

  28. favourite post of your Vietnam travels would have to be the 'My Son Ruins' - the photographs capturing the immense ruins and lush blankets of greenery were just so enchanting :D

    i recently went to Taiwan/Taipei - looooved it (:
    Taipei is a great blend of modern and traditional - with great brands available (Mango, Zara, Victoria Secret, Sephora, H&M & more), great value for the australiandollar, great food and markets and amazing scenery :D:D

    highly recommend going to "Jiu Fen " - i cant describe how awesome this place is ><

    looking forward to your future travel blog posts <3

    email: yenfei_tan9000@hotmail.com

  29. sam.rae@outlook.com

    I loved your Hoi An post. Your photos reminded me of my trip there and how much I loved it. I also really loved all your outfits, you manage to pull of the chic traveller look so incredibly well

  30. Following you on GFC and bloglovin :) Already registered on She Inside!

    I have really loved following along on your travels... I've never travelled anywhere in Asia and Vietnam is somewhere I would definitely love to visit one day (especially after seeing all your gorgeous photos). My favourite post was the Ninh Binh and Hanoi post, as it had the perfect combination of beautiful nature... the calm, still waters and the dizzying mountain tops (very appropriate for your blog name too, hopefully minus the falling!)... and tasty food shots! I love travel posts which form such a sensory and tangible experience and that one certainly did.

    I visited Noumea when I was younger and it was an amazing place. So different from Australia and such interesting culture, historic sites and food, much like Vietnam by the looks of your posts! :)

  31. Following you in blogloving and registered on she inside :) so excited!
    I recently discovered your blog and immediately fall in love with it!! My favorite Vietnam post was Ha Long Bay, the pictures were amazing and it made me remember when I went to Thailand, such an amazing place too. I wish someday I have the chance to go back and visit Vietnam also.
    Love your posts and your looks, you inspire me so much, your style is so sophisticated yet so simple, I really really love it :)

  32. Hello! http://spindizzyfall.blogspot.com/2014/03/ninh-binh-hanoi.html - I love this post the most, because of so many beautiful pictures. You apologized about that that post was massive, but I like reading about foreign culture :)
    My email: sylwiaciszekpost@gmail.com


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