Right on Target.

 photo P1110991_zps1b262c20.jpg photo P1110986_zpsb3a278d4.jpg photo P1120045_zpsbabb5a57.jpg photo P1120048_zps2ba33877.jpg photo P1120054_zpse8163f54.jpg photo P1120064_zpsc22b7127.jpg photo P1120066_zpsf5d6b0e9.jpg photo P1120075_zps972c090f.jpg wearing: Knit - Tagret, oversized scarf - Target, Jeans - Mavi Jeans, Flats - Target, Bag - Sportscraft, sunglasses - Zero UV, watch - The Horse.

It's that time of year when the weather goes a little wild. This morning was a bit chilly but fine and as I speak (type) it has now changed to windy with sudden downpours. I'm currently contemplating whether I should brave the storm tonight to attend an event ... I'm just hoping there's cheese there. Moving on from cheese (a sentence not usually heard from me), I am really big on navy. I'm also big on the odd bargain which is why this scarf was pretty much made for me. It's so huge & cosy. Target challenged me to style up an autumnal outfit and it was not hard at all! So many amazing things in store right now that I had multiple styles I was contemplating. I ended up going with this casual slouchy look - exactly the kind of thing you want to be wearing after a busy busy week, right? Flats and something to hide your tired face with (enter the scarf). Also I must say, please excuse the dog hair on me in some of the shots - we had just taken my puppy Penny-Lane to the vet. Try and spot her in the reflection of my glasses! Major fluff ball right now. But so darn cute.

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  1. super style!! ;-))



  2. so nice :)



  3. You look fabulous. The outfit is so casual chic. I really like how you styled the outfit. I am still wearing scarves. Winter decided to return here but hopefully will be moving out again. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I really appreciate it. If you are interested in following each other let me know.


  4. Hi Emm, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment much appreciated. You look gorgeous in this outfit! Casual but very pretty, infact I will be passing by Target after work to check out those shoes! Love it! I would like it very much if we could follow each other. Let me know if you are in!


  5. Loving these flats!


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