My favourite pastime is not actually a pastime. It's taking my disposable camera along with me and capturing the joy with blurry, red tinged and colour saturated goodness! Here are some from my last couple of films.

I love it when the images you capture with the camera become more valuable than the camera itself.

Tyre yard. Getting lukes tyres changed

Soaking up the spring sun

Sweet little red


Rooftop View

Interesting halloween costumes and some amazing but uncomfortable shoes

Some very comfortable shoes

Making beach gardens

My home made tee. Yes I love Harry Potter

Seeing red

You can see more of my film on my tumblr lovelies.



peterbell & tinkerpan


I love this skirt.
This wonderful creation is by the amazing Mel.
Mel is a 16 year old aspiring fashion designer who loves to share her designs on her blog 'Peterbell & Tinkerpan'!
After I expressed my fondness of her 'Divisible Opinion Skirt' (original seen here) she was lovely enough to send me over my very own one of a kind design!
I really am smitten with it and I love the 'puff' design.
I had a little chat with Mel about her inspiration and love for Op-Shopping and vinyl records.



When did you decide you wanted to design clothes?
When I was 14, I started drawing out some designs when I was bored, which my friend persuaded me to make, and I just loved the whole process; the designing, the fabrics, deciding how to make thing, and adding on extra features.

How did you learn to sew?
I've been taking textiles as a subject since year 8 and I absolutely love it, it’s amazing!

What do you get your inspiration from?
I'm inspired by everything and anything really, but more specifically, people and their personalities, the way they act, the things they do. I also find music so inspiring, especially when you can relate to the song/lyrics. But what actually usually happens is I have an idea, draw it out, make it, and only after I finish the garment I figure out where I got the inspiration from, it's so strange..




What is your favourite material to work with?
I love working with cotton, as it is so easy to use, and it can be the garment, or the base for another material. I also adore tulle, and I'm currently having an insane chiffon obsession too, it’s so stunning

What’s your design style?
I like to make mostly dresses, skirts and tops. I really love taking an element from a typical top, dress or skirt (like the straps, waist area, back or neckline) and changing it, making it more unconventional, then going from there to expand more on the design.



What does your future hold?
I would really, really love to go to over to the east coast (of Australia) after i finish year 12, and try to get into either FBI in Sydney, or The Whitehouse in Melbourne. My ultimate dream is to go overseas to Europe or the US (but the fashion schools and institutes there are so expensive for international students!) so fingers crossed I can get into The Whitehouse, it looks so amazing! Another option is that I could take a gap year, travel and try and get some work experience/ an internship if I can. I love cities; there are so many people, and so much inspiration around.

What are your pastime loves?
I love op-shopping and to go to markets, you can find the best stuff there, and its way cheaper, and I buy material from there too, it’s amazing, I got 4 metres for $2 the other day, and all this lace from Good Sammy’s! Hmm I also love collecting Vinyl Records, both old and new, its so cool how new bands are releasing on vinyl. I’m so obsessed with taking photos too!

Below are photographs taken from Mel's blog of some of her designs!
Check out her blog here

Thanks Mel!


Blogger interview by Emma Lucey from Spin Dizzy Fall


sun shadows





wearing - vintage boots
vintage levi shorts
Oroton Tote
Tee - cotton on

On the weekend we went to Yum Cha. All I ate was different dumplings and custard tarts (heaven!)
Luckily my little sister just got a job at cotton on which means lots of cheap basics for summer!
Below are some of my mini cameras that I like to use. I usually carry 2 cameras around but always atleast one (usually just a flash disposable).
(clockwise from left) My 4 shot Lomo, this weeks flash disposable, my (amazing) vintage Olympus Trip and my underwater disposable for the summer!
Hope you guys had lovely weekends!




its almost here!

The decorations are starting to appear in shopping centers, uni and school exams are finishing up and creepy photo santa watches you as you try look for a new cosie. Christmas is right around the corner (can you believe it?)!

I think a lot of us here in Australia are even more excited about summer finally coming (its been a loooong winter) but along with summer Christmas comes too and I can't wait to get in the christmas-y spirit (mostly because 'that 70s show' christmas special was on the other day, hmmm).

Here's my christmas list so far (notice total lack of clothing? well i don't plan to wear any all summer! Just a killer cosie and a tan please?)


1. Fisheye2 OR a Diana and a fish eye lens. (leaning towards the fish eye two because i don't want to be carrying around the extra lens for the diana all the time and the FE2 is cheaper overall) Any advice to the fish eye lovers/owners?
2. Frankie 'Spaces'
3. New wii remote and nunchuck (ka-pow!)
4. Mario Kart (well duh)
5. Washi tape (love this stuff and will come in handy if I go back to school aka uni next year...*cough* maybe..what?!!!)
6. Azzura Bikini by seafolly
7. 'Flower' Sunglasses by RAEN (I bought some RAEN sunnies for Luke and now I'm hooked!)
8. Books! (so many books on my 'to read' list)
9. Just a plain pair of black sandals please (rubi shoes)
10. Mini cactus (weird to have this on the list but I've been wanting some for ages! Preferably one that cannot hurt me)



hidden treasure



Not an overly exciting outfit (summer gets like that) but I had to show you the pendant my mum bought me at a market while she was away on holiday.

During the past couple weeks I've only managed a couple opshopping trips in my free time although every time I go I seem to be more interested in treasure and trinkets rather than the clothes!
I thought I'd show you some of my favourite treasure I've found! (Can you tell I'm very proud of myself?)


1- vintage plate, some doilies (that the lady secretly put in my bag for me, awww), some books (seinlanguage, treasure island picture version and 'Wild Food!') plus a denim/floral dress.

2 - black sheer blouse, frankie and a lovely little mirror compact with a horse and carriage design

3 - Two photography books

4 - onion soup mug! (I love these and even though its summer now I could not resist)

5 - Tin picnic cups (almost bought some new ones for $50! Snatched these for 6)

and my pride and joy
6 - little knitted christmas pudding and glass cake dome with wooden stand

What do you think??





The lovely team over at new label Lola vs Harper sent me some goodies to play with last week. Lola vs Harper is a new label (yet to be launched) and is the sister brand of australian born Shilla.
Since we were talking about sister labels here I thought I'd get my own sister in on the act and have a little fun with some of the designs!

Above: Lola vs Harper cut out tee and Shilla polka dot bralet
Shilla maxi dress
Below: Shilla high waisted shorts
Lola vs Harper Jacket


We also had a bit of fun with the heart pops that were included in the package.
You can keep in touch with news on Lola here or on twitter here
(Big thanks to Nat and the team at Lola vs Harper!)






Its been over a year since I've visited my hair dresser and I think its time we met up again soon. This is actually a good photo of my hair but now its quite heavy and it sits flat against the sides of my head and I feel like I'm twelve years old again.

I'm in a bit of a pickle and I'm not sure if i should just ask to get it the same but trimmed or get a different cut. What to do?
One day I will get it cut to my shoulders but for the summer I think i still want it long.

I haven't been the best blogger lately but I have got a few fun little projects ready to show you and one or two still in the making.

I post more often on my tumblr during the week so you can follow me here if you like.

Feel free to ask me something too =)



my week in hips...


- cat - candy belts - my rat of a dog - new summer mix -
- love bugs - homemade pie - beach - home made tart -
- burnt beach legs - pretty sea plane - picking flowers on a beach trip - bright sunset -
- chinese stamps - my new 4 lense lomo - candles - cheap wine and wokstar -

Some hipstamatic snaps from over the weekend and last week