Blue Bird

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: OneTeaspoon shorts from Bird Motel, Tee from Sportsgirl, Vintage hat, boots from Rubi and bracelets from Bali. 

I wasn't always completely sold on these shorts until I actually put them on my butt today (and have not taken them off yet)! I haven't owned One Teaspoon shorts before but these are so comfy and slouchy and boyfriend-y fitted that they are perfect for summer road trips and afternoons at the beach. I am now a believer! BIG TIME!

These fancy pants are all thats need to spice up a basic white tee (which I scored for $20, woop!).
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Vintage Vinyl

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: Jumper - Tweet Tweet, Skirt - Vintage Sportsgirl, Boots - Vintage ROC, Vinyl Necklace - Vintage, Bow bracelet - Oroton, Bead Bracelet - Tresor Paris and Ring - Samantha Wills. 

Can you believe this skirt is an Op-shop find!? Same with this necklace with little vinyl records on them that I've had for who knows how long! Although, something VERY new is playing with the apps on my iPhone 5. Did I already mention I got one? Jokes, I know I'm like a broken record by now. It's so light! I'm liking it so far but still freaking out about breaking it that I've kept all the plastic on till I find a case I like. Here's hoping I do very soon! 




Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
wearing: Jumper and shorts from Missguided, Heels form Rubi (on sale here!) and beaded bag from Sussan.

I am so happy to be on uni break right now! It's like a preview of summer and I can't wait to be hanging at the beach every second day and wearing next to nothing for months!

Something I really wanted was black shorts for summer and these are an exciting solution. When wearing I repeat the mantra 'I must not run my hands across studs' because it may be fun but to a stranger I seem to be getting a bit too familiar with my shorts.

I now have my iPhone 5 safe and sound and currently making the transition from my old 3G baby. Exciting!


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PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: Shoes - WILD DOLL, Dress - JUNK & Headband - eBay.

I've been pretty excited about this headband arriving -  another eBay cheapie!

Also mega pumped over these Wild Doll heels which I wore on my birthday night. We went out to drink $6 cocktails and dance to old music. It was a killer night. Already planning summer outfits with these platforms and hoping to do a 'new in' video for my youtube channel so keep your eyes peeled! 

I'm supposed to be getting the iPhone 5 tomorrow so fingers crossed! Anyone have it already?



Match Point

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: Evil twin top from Market HQ, vintage coat, old shorts, Rubi socks and flatforms. 

I am officially on uni break! It's only for one week and the long weekend but it's about time for a little time off from the crazy-town that has been the past 8 weeks. My classes were cancelled this afternoon so I ended up having a lazy afternoon eating cheese and dips, reading my book in the sun and watching Blade Runner (which is so overrated) with Luke. 

These flatworms were a birthday gift and I was stoked to walk the whole day in them and not roll my ankle. Apparently, I'm more likely to hurt myself walking in flat shoes than the boots with heels I usually wear everyday. Go figure!

Thanks to everyone who sent me lovely birthday messaged on Monday! xx



Goodie Bag Giveaway!


Over the past couple of months I have been gathering a fun selection of goodies from event bags and fashion week 2012 just for a giveaway for you guys! Now that this goodie bag is perfect, one of you lucky readers gets to take it all home.

It includes an exclusive shakuhachi silk scarf, OPI polish, Napoleon gloss and a Seafolly charm bracelet just to name a few!
This giveaway is being run on the Spin Dizzy Fall Facebook page so pop over (here), like my page and leave a comment saying "I'm a follower!" on this photo on my Facebook timeline to enter! Simple as a sweet sweet pie, guys.

Also I've just uploaded my first ever (talking) vlog on my youtube channel which is a bit scary but have a look and let me know if you likey!

Cheers lovelies!



Snow Trip 2012

Yet another video from my Youtube channel! 
Just a quick vid from our snow trip over the weekend. 

Pretty excited for the weekend, my birthday celebrations begin!



Spring Snow

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: vintage coat, DIY headband, seafolly scarf, wool mittens from Bali, Soles boots, jeans and MINKPINK singlet from Market HQ.

This weekend I'm at the snow in Thredbo and sneaking in a quick postie on the blog!
Friday was horrible weather, Saturday was rainbows and today has been sun, sun, sunshine.

Yes, it was actually snowing when I took these photos! So a quick couple of snaps and then off to the pub for some ciders next to the fire. Apart from the aching leg muscles I'm pretty relaxed right now.



Ombre Outfit VIDEO post

This is my first ever outfit video post, so be nice! You guys always are so I'm not too worried :)
I wore this outfit down to University this week and as an experiment I made this video instead of an outfit post.

I have an extended version of me talking a lot on the drive down, about my outfit and about 'talking on camera' and generally being embarrassing. BUT I am hoping to still upload it to my channel soon so make sure you subscribe on youtube!

Here are the outfit details again.
Ombre blazer - MINKPINK from Market HQDress - Melinda & Narnia, Boots - Soles, Leather bag - Vintage and Sunnies - Retro Super Future.




Guys, I forgot to post my Bali video!
My Bali trip was pure holiday through and through so all this video was taken when I felt like filming and other times I just sat back and watched the sun go down without instagram-ing it or whipping out my camera. This Bali trip has been one of the highlights of my 2012 so far!

I miss watching old home videos so I want to make sure I still make videos throughout my lifetime. I'm really getting into making videos these days (even if they are a bitch to edit) so expect to see more in the future! Subscribe to my youtube channel to see them first! 




PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket wearing: eagle tank (here) via Market HQ, skirt by Junk, Bloch bra via The Iconic Sports, boots by Tony Bianco and vintage coat. 

My love of cacti continues! Check out the size of this prickler...
This outfit post turned into a bit of a desert theme with the cacti and my 'eagle rock' tank. Low side singlets and sheer are making me excited for the warm weather! Although I am going to snow this weekend so bring on the the snow AND the sunshine.


p.s. the winner of the my leather.com.au giveaway is (by random number generator) ... DALENALE


AUGUST on Instagram @emmalucey


August has been a huge month for me. At the start I was still recovering from my wisdom teeth operation (which was much harder than I thought it would be). My second semester of university for 2012 began and since it has been a struggle getting everything done on time!

When times get stressful I realised that I am so lucky to have great people surrounding me and to have my blog to turn to! Using clothes to have fun and feel good is a very simple pleasure and being able to share it makes it even better!

On Instagram I use my personal account @emmalucey. To me, my blog isn't a 'brand' so I think that my blog is somewhat of a 'personal account' anyway. Instagram just shows more 'behind the scenes' of my life.

August was fun but I am so excited it is officially the first day of SPRING! Not long till my birthday!