take me north (DIY)

So yesterday I decided to start my cape prototype. I didn’t. But I made this nautical blouse! I thought I’d get in on the striped trend but with a silky twist.

(1)First I drew the pattern (using a similar top as a template then altering the pattern to suit my design). When working with stripes it’s important to get them lined up properly before cutting and pinning.
(2)I then over locked all the edges before starting on the neck.
(3) I put a backing around the neck to insure it sat flat and didn’t twist the hem (getting this right is the hardest part).
(4)I then put a hem on the sleeves then joined the sides.
(5)I sewed a hem on the bottom making sure the lines on the fabric were straight.
(6) Lastly i gave it a good iron to make sure everything was flat and crisp (when using delicate fabric don't iron straight onto the material, put some cotton material over the top)

And voila! Here it is!

In the photos I'm wearing it with my velvet mini i bought yesterday.

Tonight I'm going down the coast for a weekend and won't be home till sunday night. Till then, stay lovely and have a good weekend =)


bush walking

wearing: floral skirt- glebe markets, vintage lace skirt, frilly socks - ebay and vintage boots.

Today i thought I'd break out my floral skirt since its coming to the end of summer (in fact sunday is the last day). If you've been reading my blog you probably think i hate summer since I've been going on about wanting winter so much! I don't really. I realised I love winter cause for the last few years I've been going to Indonesia mid winter so my winter is never really a long one. It goes a little winter then a month of summer then winter again and i love coming home to the chill.

I came home with a bag of goodies after shopping yet again! I think it's becoming a problem, oops. I bought, a cute velvet skirt, a grey maxi dress, a vintage pin, a white blouse with a bow at the neck (Alexa Chung style, so cute) and this huge ring (below)! Now officially the fattest ring in my collection. Not the tallest or the longest but definitely the fattest =)

making plans

I'm so happy to have my weeks work finished and done! Yesterday i was even happier so i bought myself a lovely tri-blend circle scarf. I love it already even though its still summer (till monday!)
I also came home with a dark red lipstick, new nail polish and a ball of wool.
I saw a rectangle beanie i really liked in general pants and i thought it would be a good DIY project. I thought if it goes south i can always just buy it.

Actually i have a few DIY projects lined up and i really hope I end up doing them. I want to sew patches on a pair of jeans like these (below) and i also would LOVE to make a winter cape. Its so hard to find a nice vintage cape so im just going to make my own (like the ones from American Apparel) I think it would be easy enough right? Just a circle with a couple holes cut out =) so i'll be keeping my eyes out for some nice material.

source: knightcat, lookbook -chicmuse


Fashion Product Review: The Postage Belt!

My first product review is finally here and it is the amazing Postage Belt designed by Emma Greenwood from Emerge.

I jumped at the chance to review one of Emma’s handmade designs after seeing her work advertised in the popular Australian Magazine Frankie.
Emma is trained as a shoemaker but also makes a lot of accessories that come in many wonderful colours and sizes.

In 2006 she bought a bag of used 1960s Queen Elizabeth stamps from an op shop, and wondered what to do with them.
She laid them out in a row as a repeat pattern, and realised that a belt would be a perfect way to show them off!

"They are such a great way to celebrate the graphic design and culture of international stamps, which usually languish in a forgotten stamp album, but in this case have been set free!"

There are many stamp themes however I was drawn to the Australian Gemstones belt (seen in my photos) since I was always fond of collecting gemstones as a child. I like to imagine the journey these stamps have gone on before finding their home on my hips. I think the Postage Belt is an extremely creative design and would be a very special piece for any girl (or guy) to treasure.

Item type (clothing, shoes, accessory, bag, other): Belt

Material: full grain leather, lined and riveted with a stylish nickel buckle

Colour: Grey (main)

Short Description: Stylish leather belts with silver buckle and bold wide design. The main feature of this ingenious belt are the vintage postage stamps!

Feeling when wearing: I love how this belt adds that little burst of colour to bold and basic outfit. Special.

Best climate: Best worn in autumn, winter and lovely with a dress in spring.

Where to wear: Where not to wear? This little baby will attract compliments wherever you go and makes a great conversation starter!

Would look great with: Wearing belts over blazers, scarves, cardigans and knits is a big trend this winter so it’s the best way to show off this wonderful design without hiding it under your outwear. This wide belt design also looks adorable over a flowy skirt.

Tips: If your planning on wearing the postage belt with high waisted items get a smaller size or you’ll have to punch in some new holes.

Price: $120AUS at her Big Cartel Store or Etsy

Website/Store: Emerge Store here
Or visit Emma’s blog here

If you would like me to review your product on Spin Dizzy Fall email me at emmlucey@hotmail.com


doilies and denim

New Vintage collection this week

View on ebay Here


favourite things

I thought I'd post some pictures of my old Minolta camera.

It was my grandma's and is now so old the light metre doesn't work so every time i use it i just have to guess the aperture. I love the photos that i take with it but don't use it as much as i wish i could nowadays. The size doesn't bother me (i love walking the streets with it slung over my shoulder) but its just that I'm so used to seeing a photo right after its been taken i am so impatient with the whole film developing process.

In the photos I'm wearing my dads old 'the young ones' t-shirt. (If you've never heard of the young ones it was a British comedy show back in the 80s and mainly got its laughs from slapstick and its strange plot turns.) Its not for everyone but i enjoy it.

And yes, that is a painting of john Lennon. I got it for my 18th birthday and was shipped over from Bali. It pretty much takes up the wall and i love it.



cave of treasures

Today whilst opshoping ( i got some lovely finds today - below) i came across a little used bookstore that was full to the brim with not only books but antiques, clothes and hidden treasures.
Me being in a good bookstore is like a kid in a candy store but THIS was amazing! i cannot explain it, i just had to take pictures.

We had lunch at a little cafe and i sampled some nice dips from our dip platter, plus the bread was so nice.

Today i bought an owl for my collection :) (actually a pepper shaker thats lost its salt, aww), vintage MINT condish stockings in blue, some"lady pants"(vintage, tailored, baggy pants) and this amazing beaded lipstick case that i will use as a coin purse.
Great Day!


sticky fingers

I've been dying to try on this purple polish ever since i bought it but thought I'd give the previous colour a good run before giving it the flick.

I've been so fashionably confused lately (confused about fashion or confused while looking CHIC? hah). I think its the odd weather here in Sydney lately. The autumn is fighting to break in but the sun just keeps on keeping on and its confusing my wardrobe. I can't wait to wear my velvet dress out on the weekend but i hope its not too hot. hmmm

Next week I'll be posting my first review!
I also have another Q&A lined up with a blogging rockstar (an amazing blogger, not really a rock star but she could totally pull it off!)


On the Cold Floor in the Corner

Took a series of 'artistic' self portraits the other day in my Vintage wool hat and my Long John Onsie.

I was trying to capture the dark, tangled, odd and raw sense/feeling thats popular in some photo shoots lately. Just basic make-up with a nude lip colour. All natural tones that brought out the green in my eyes.

Let me know what you think and which is your favourite.