Suspicious Minds

PhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: belt (here) an skirt (here) via Market HQ, vintage bag, heels by Tony Bianco and cross bracelet from Bali.

These days, by Friday afternoons I tend to feel.... nothing! So mentally tired that the only option is to go out and not use your brain at all. Clearly this was the case last Friday when my lovely friend took these outfit shots of me in the middle of Circular Quay station after one too many shots sips of peach schnapps before we even arrived at our destination.

I'm not even going to try deny it, as seen in my dazed expression it's evident to all of us, except my past-photo-self, that my night was bound to be a struggler. But it's ok because this weekend I am baking instead! We all know baking only requires 1-6 drinks per cake anyway so I'm sure I'll be fine.

Loving your lovely comments you lovely, lovelies!



Miss Beatnik

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: top by MINKPINK via Market HQ, skirt - Forever 21, belt - vintage, bag - Mimco, bracelet - witchery and boots by Soles.

Today I went to a High Tea at a local restaurant, RockSalt, for a good friend's birthday. It wasn't only the typical scones and sandwiches but amazing duck canap├ęs, brandy snap tarts with blueberries and I chose 'Red Fruits' tea. 

Did you know that there was once a 'Miss Beatnik' pageant in 1959? These girls look like a whole bag of fun, right? I missed out on the short sleeve, off the shoulder top when it was at Market HQ and so quickly jumped on this one when I saw it! I went for a red lip to brighten up the B&W and I just used my lip pencil instead of lipstick (since I cannot eat without getting lipstick everywhere!)





So I have been banging on about how much I love my new bag on twitter, Instagram AND in my last two posts, so I thought it only fair that I give you all a chance to win one for yourself!

The 'Shannon' bag comes in tan brown, black and burgundy on myLeather.com.au and to enter follow the quick steps below. GOOD LUCK!

To enter:
1. Follow Spin Dizzy Fall on google or bloglovin
2. 'Like' myLeather.com.au on Facebook (HERE)
3. Leave your email address in a comment on this post and cross your fingers!

Competition ends Monday 3rd of September.
(That will perk up your Monday!)



Snap Dragons

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: jacket - vintage, dress - Shilla, Boots - Soles via MHQ, Belt - vintage, bag - my leather.com.au , necklace - vintage and ring -  HOH.

 Neon snap dragons are so hot right now...

The best way to spend a break (of study or work!) is either in the sunshine or shopping! I did both.
It was all about the double braids inspired by Braveheart my 3rd grade, disco-going self.
If only I had some glitter hair mascara and diamonte body stickers. 

I'm a mixture of eras with a 70s style dress, 80s jacket and 90s braids. I can never really describe my style in one sentence but I think 'Mash-up' comes close? :)




wearing: Block Jersey + Dino Ring + Necklace from Trend Post, skirt (underneath) by lola vs Harper, bag from myleather.com.au, vintage boots and Sunnies by Retro Super Future. 

Last Saturday we headed out for a sneaky pub crawl and attended my first ever AFL game (Aussie Rules Football for those overseas or sports-illiterate). I've never really followed AFL having grown up in a NRL/St George Dragons family but I guess I go for Sydney Swans? I was there for the cider, chips and general banter anyway so I guess it doesn't matter!

What I WAS excited about is my new toy! This little orange, pocket rocket, camera slash camcorder! I've been wanting a camcorder all year and this one has night vision and can go underwater so I'm pretty excited to learn how to use it. I managed a few snaps as you can see below, one being the big flag thing they roll out. It was so windy on Saturday that it actually ripped and fell apart before the players even ran through it!

The main reason I have it is to take photos of my local area for the 'Capture The Cover' competition being run by Yellow Pages. You can have a look at their site for more info but you could win fun prizes by snapping your local area to be on the cover of the Yellow Pages! I'll be uploading more of mine when I master my little pocket pal!

Happy Friday!



Jungle Gardenia

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: Bec & Bridge Jungle Gardenia dress from Style Milk, Samantha Wills rings, vintage belt and bag.

I've had this stunning dress up my sleeve (yes, singular!) for a while now though was having trouble choosing the perfect opportunity to wear it. I've always loved Bec & Bridge and I pictured a glamorous shoot with flowing hair and strappy heels. 

Although on Friday it occurred to me... why wait? I'm not always the 'glamour' type so why deny my love for grunge and vintage? So that was that. I pulled out my vintage belt and chunky boots and took the night with friends! Sydney-siders will know that the weather on Friday was like walking outside in a tornado, hence the first photo. Yes, one of my arms was very cold that night but it was well worth it because I adore this dress (it's actually on sale now at Style Milk)!

So the moral of this tale is live in the moment and don't wait for something special to come along when you can make any moment special anyway.




PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket wearing: Skirt - Naven, Necklace - House of Harlow (both Eyegasm Brands  03 9528 7300), Dress (worn as top) - Lola Vs Harper, Heels - Rubi,  Coat - vintage.

Well lookie here, I'm a triplet.
Maybe if I were, the amount of clothes in my wardrobe (and second wardrobe, clothes racks and bedroom floor) would be justified! 

I'm well and truly back to uni and work duties now so a balancing act is guaranteed. Luckily I was once a gymnast with my best apparatus being the Beam (aka the long, raised plank). Unfortunately as I grew a couple things got in the way of completing routines (as in those couple things located below the neck and above the waist.... yep). 

Been watching much of the Olympics? Yes, that is the point of all this rambling about planks and triplets. I've mainly been watching people falling off sailing boats and people not pole vaulting. 



Space Cadet

Photobucket wearing:
Dress - Fairground via Esther Boutique 
Coat & boots - vintage
Sunglasses- AM eyewear
Bracelet - PeepToe

 I attended a little blogger event in the city hosted by Shop2 to introduce us to the new social media-meets-fashion website. There were drinks and sweets (Thanks Carmen) abound and even some amazing cake-pops that I am going to have to try make myself some day because I didn't get to eat all mine due to my wisdom teeth (but that half was the best cake-pop I've ever had!)

I got to wear this dress from Esther Boutique that I've been raving about on instagram and have had some lovely compliments on it already! The cap sleeves are really flattering.

So since then I have had a little play on the website and already started on a birthday wishlist album. My birthday is in September and so far I'm thinking a polaroid camera and SHOES!
Speaking of polaroid, has anyone seen the new one that is coming out this month?
I don't think it will be as fun as the polaroid film ones so might just get the last business card type one. 

Any info/recommendations on the newer polaroid cameras would be great as I only own the old vintage ones!





Shag knit - Lola VS Harper
Dress - Melinda and Narnia

Boots - Tony Bianco
Necklace - Belle Noel
Bag - vintage
watch & bracelets - Bali

Yet another outfit that is so, so, SO easy to wear everyday plus ever since I got this knit by Lola vs Harper I've been getting compliments on it every time. It even appeals to Luke who's taste is usually quite neutral and minimal. Actually our taste in fashion really differs a lot! So I love when we agree on something that is verging-on-a-tad-outrageous side when it comes to fashion! 

Does this happen with you guys too? ... Does anyone else out there have different taste in fashion to their "partner", "other half", "boyfie", "pimp" etc etc etc? 

Thanks for reading, yo!