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I was rooting for sugar 100% to win survivor on tuesday but ALAS! She didnt even get one vote!

She was my favourite player by far (even though she always cried and my b-f would remark whenever she did) she was cool. Since then i think she has made some 'bad decisions' in terms of photo shoots etc (though im not entirely sure how bad, needless to say i didnt really look into it that much) i hope she gets enough money from the follow up of survivor to enjoy it.

Garden Update!

So I've been wanting to expand on our veggie garden and haven't got around to planting anything.

By a happy mistake we picked up lots of plants last Saturday (at Alfos Fete) that were left over! But wait there's more.
They were already planted and WELL on their way to being veggies and flowers and fruits!

On the down side i had to drive them all home and whilst turning corners the larger plants fell in front of my vision. Anyone who saw me would think a sunflower was driving my car. I got a rash from it too.

But its OK cause it was funny at the time, even though i was alone i laughed...
My new plants include:
A great big sunflower pot that Luke had to carry outside for me,
(another) Tomato,
CORN (yum fresh corn, can't wait!),
baby spinach,
lots of herbs,
Strawberries and heaps more that i can't remember.





Penny-Lane Chasing a Fly.





New Black Floral Leo! i love it.
I also love 'Series of Unfortunate Events' the movie. Kinda want to read the books but I'm saving my money and my second bookshelf is still full with all my unread books.
Just two chapters left of the entire Chronicles of Narnia that i've been re-reading.

Wearing: Old DIY Shorts-Mambo, Vintage Leo-opshop, Necklace&rings-Bali and Hat-Akubra.





Before&After braids! My hair does not hold any curls or crimps so i love leaving my hair in braids overnight and that usually holds for about a day.

I let my hair grow since this time last year and only got a hair cut last week so I'm thinking of getting a short cut in autumn next year. What do you think? I always get the urge to cut my hair in winter, i don't know why.

Today I'm off to my local opshop to do some shopping.
I'm wearing: Vintage Blouse-Opshop, Jeans- Nudies, Ballet flats-sisters, silver rings-bali beach sellers and rosary beads-vinnies.


the nothing diet


I've recently been put on a strange diet (by my dietition) to eliminate foods that irritate me from my diet.
Here's the list of things i can't eat:
  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • mango
  • pears
  • watermelon
  • honey
  • all peas
  • tinned fruit
  • Milk
  • Custard
  • Ice Cream
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • apricots
  • avacados
  • blackberries
  • cherries
  • lychees
  • nectarines
  • plums
  • cauliflower
  • mushrooms
  • coconut
  • chewing gum
  • articially sweetend anything
  • artichoke
  • asparagus
  • beetroot
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cabbage
  • fennel
  • garlic
  • legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas)
  • okra
  • onion
  • persimmon
  • rambutan
  • rye
  • wheat- bread, pasta, cous cous, cakes, biscuits, crackers
  • and other things that contain FODMAPS

This will continue for 8 weeks! Im only up to day 5!
Today i bought this 'nut free Nut Bar' which is lactose free but tastes kind of like chocolate.

p.s sorry about the crappy photo my normal camera is out of action


Stranded at the Drive In



Last night at the Drive In we saw couples retreat and 500 days of summer.
Couples retreat was average but 500 days of summer was completely lovely (and really underrated!).

At the end of the movie the rain started to fall lightly.
Above is a photo of the rain falling over the light of the projector. You can't really see it at all in the shot but it looked really pretty at the time. Someone started flashing their lights at me cause i kept talking photos but the flash wasn't even on. Kill joys!



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Antique Bow & a poodle

A busy but lazy day it was today. If that's possible.
In the morning a went fishing with a friend. No clouds in the sky, it was great weather. I love fishing but i always let fish go. I've caught a fish every time I've been to this particular spot but we didn't technically catch anything today. Something mysterious was on my friends line but we couldn't pull it up and im glad we didnt now. Who knows what it could have been but it was white and not moving...




After lunch i went Op-Shopping and picked up some lovely items.

A black leotard with a floral texture which i think i'll be keeping for myself.
Two green shells that are usually used for napkin rings but i'll be using them from decoration in the stock storage/hang out room (after i re-paint it).
This amazing plastic Forest Green Bow hair clip and
a navy blazer (that i dont have a picture of) that has pre-rolled sleeves and everything! It has everything. I couldn't not get it even though its starting to feel a bit more like summer. Thank god.
i might be going to the drive in tonight. I feel like playing Grease!

Also above is my puppy <3


i want one of these


This shot is from the American apparel blog California Select and apparently they just got these floppy bows in and i want one!

Madonna Style.
I'm thinking of making one cause i just can't wait! I've made a bow out of denim before and that turned out pretty well.

Should i use velvet?


sit around the camp fire and since camp fire songs


On the way to camping last October long weekend i took these photos.
The one above is of my puppy Penny-Lane enjoying her favourite past time with the wind blowing through her fur and in her eyes. Apart from being completely hilarious i though this shot had nice contrast and colouring in the background.

The one below is of a grand old tree in the middle of a canola field. The field was amazing but the shot isn't great since we didnt stop to take it and its a little blurry.


roll me in designer sheets

Oh how i wish i were at woodstock.
After reading (in oyster, shown below) about Emile and his roll in the film 'Taking Woodstock' i couldn't wait to see it, though i still havn't got to it (its been release definately in the US but didnt hear much about it here).
I also enjoy watching Demetri Martin and was very surprised when i saw he had the lead.
Has anyone seen it? And how was it?
Also a shoot in Oyster - the outsiders called 'i am an island'.

pee.ess- i got a hair cut today and it was my first one this year! Can you believe it?! my hair dresser saw me and just looked at me in a surprised manner and said 'where have you been?'
'... i don't know?'
i wouldn't say i'm rid of split ends but its the way i like it.
Still a little bit woodstock.


Who'd you rather be, THE BEATLES or THE ROLLING STONES?

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Lead singer of metric is what you might call 'kinda cool'.
Really like the 'Help! I'm alive (like a hammer)' film clip. Grunge-y.

Gin & Juice

On Saturday all i wanted was to wear my lovely blue flamingo motel dress but ended up having some good fun out with friends and royal deluxe Chambord with lemonade! Yum

I wore:

Dress - Blue Flamingo 'Motel', Hat - Akubra, Stocking socks - $2 Shop, Grey Suede Booties- Sportsgirl, Bag- mums old, Me - too many vodka&cranberry.



(Note: photo above was taken above my house by yours truly. If you use it please let me know or just acknowledge this blog)

Me and my sister had an odd food platter for lunch inspired by the twins from FeelGoodLookCool. Needless to say we finished the lot it was great. Mixture of healthy and *cough* not-so-healthy.

Kofta Lunch

A while ago me and luke made these yummy open beef Koftas that we saw on MasterChef.

i dont usually eat much meat but these were just amazing. Lots of coriander and spices and such goes into the meat and the yoghurt and cucumber that goes on top is so refreshing.
You can get the recipe on the MasterChef site and there's also a vid.

Not a great photo though, sorry.



DIY Studded Shorts
I finished these shorts today and i cant wait to get them on. (summer weather, hurry up!)
Bought some vintage EDWINS, cut them, bought some pyramid studds and just used a butter knife to bend them on.

I couldnt find the studds i wanted at craft or fabric shops so i bought them of the net.

Note: when studding on denim the studds may look a bit uneven. This is only due to the denim and will look different when worn anyway.


Susan 'Laurie' Dey

What to say about Susan Dey?

Best known for her role as Laurie Partridge in 'The Partridge Family'
who was the sensible, pretty 18 year old and the eldest daughter. Not to mention a major fashion icon (in my opinion anyway).
Frankly i think she's out of this world. So real and raw.
Just a little info
Susan developed a massive crush on her co-star David Cassidy and a sexual relationship between them was recently confirmed by Cassidy. He claimed he'd given into pressure from her and regretted it instantly for she was too 'innocent and sweet' for his standards. Susan also developed an eating disorder after striving to be as thin as possible for the show. Eventually she regained her health and continued to act.