i wish


My Wish List. These are some of the things I'll be trying to capture for myself in the new year. Oh and i really really hope i succeed!

1. Docs! Well duh.
2. A subscription to frankie Magazine
3. New platforms booties for winter (pictured are ALASS peep toe boots from Topshop)
4. Pres-sale tickets to splendor in the grass! Now in Woodfordia, Queensland!? I was so looking forward to visiting dear Byron Bay =(
5. Owls, Owls and more Owls! Oh how i adore them.
6. Knee high boots also for winter (these also from topshop - BRITANY over knee boot)
7. Orange lip colour. Continuously looking for a nice one.
8. Vintage Teapot
9. Black wedges. Hopefully it will get cold early next year and we southern hemispherians will get our go at wedge booties. Please hurry!
10. Tickets to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I think I'm a bit late now though
11. Hot slim Winter coat. I really would love a nice warm cosy coat that looks as good as it feels! (pictured Fullcircle coat, source- frokaholics)

Now i just need a shooting star to wish on.


Lady Umbrella

I went shopping today, yet again! It feels like all im doing lately is shopping! But the lovely dress that i bought was on sale at myer so who could say no? It has a great vintage hint to it which ofcourse i love!
I think i'll be wearing it for my new years events.

Did i already mention that my grandma let me take one of her vintage lady umbrellas home to take care of?
Oh well she did and i love it! I've always wanted one but they are so expensive to buy from vintage fairs. Today was a bit rainy so i took it with me.

I didnt wear my cardigan all day so i dont know why i have it on in the photo, it covers my outfit! Luke was wearing his new T-shirt today. Its by an artist that has slipped my mind (so silly of me) shes on the tip of my tounge. I'll post it when i remember.

Wearing- Mums vintage floral skirt, vintage heart necklace, vintage umbrella and the rest already mentioned.
Lukes wearing- T-shirt-(insert artisit here), nudies and havanas. (he didnt want his picture taken =) )


oh yesterday

Yesterday i had a great time shopping at IKEA and visiting my grandma.
Unfortunately i cant upload the photos since my camera went on holidays along with the rest of my family so ill have to upload them on the weekend (next year ha ha!) So in the meantime I'll have photos from my iPhone and old camera.

Hang in there kittens!!!



Picture #1- IKEA shopper Humour
Picture #2- Some of my Grandmas Flowers


Boxing Banana Bread

Nice warm homemade banana bread smothered in butter for breakfast on boxing day.



Chilly Christmas

I had a wonderful christmas day with my family. We spent it in the blue mountains and for a change (living in Australia its usually pretty hot on christmas) it was cold and rainy. Though the weather didn't spoil the day!

I received some amazing presents and surprises. One surprise was a lovely owl mug my grandma bought me. I adore owls and my mug just adds to my collection! (One day i'll post my owl collection on this blog, they range from stuffed animal decorations to figurines and now to mugs=)! )

I had a special christmas skirt made for christmas day by my mum. My mum was a dress maker when she was young so she always makes me lovely skirts and other clothing.


What i wore: Hand made christmas skirt with vintage material, plain black singlet-bonds, vintage sequin cardi-opshop, lace bike shorts-dont ask amanda and red bow wedges - opshop.

Hope you all had a lovely Holiday!


Our little store


This week the store will only have a couple listings by popular demand (including this vintage blouse that comes with free matching purse!) and listings will begin again on the 7th on Jan in the new year!
Spin Dizzy Fall the store will have a bit of a makeover over the new year.

With each purchase you will receive a lovely hand made tag with bow and all =) and other new stuff just waiting to be found! I cant wait to see what the new vintage year holds.

Meanwhile i will still be posting outfit updates and other fun stuff!




Photography by Jamie Nelson. Via studded hearts

I am super excited for christmas day!

I'm pretty sure im getting everything on my wishlist so i feel pretty lucky.
The things i wanted most were books books and more books, a triple barrel hair iron, a mini backyard splash pool, a banana hammock and a new dress.

My dad surprised me with deciding to get me an iphone which im looking forward to the most!

I am also very excited about spending christmas eve baking and preparing treats and goodies for christmas! Me Luke and my sister will be making lots of sweets including chocolate strawberries and i'm making a berry pie. YUM

Merry Christmas Everybody!

christmas eve eve

Today i went last minute shopping AGAIN and good thing i did. I had to drive my dad to a Christmas party and before i left i had to change his entire outfit for him cause it looked like he was going as charlie sheen to a fancy dress party. All he needed was the socks under his sandals.
So i did a bit of clothes shopping for him and bought some nice shorts and shirts even though he said he didn't want clothes. Too bad, its kind of a present to myself cause now i don't have to walk next to a charlie sheen look a-like.
Tomorrow I'm going Christmas SALE shopping for myself! Cannot wait! End of season sales, here i come!
Today i wore my hair in a large messy plait. It worked out great actually, because i had my hair in braids last night so my hair was all fuzzy. Usually my hair is a limp loser attempt at a messy plait.


I wore: my sisters baggy tee, 'pencil' bandage skirt, early christmas present studded leather purse and ballet flats



Its getting hot today and my thermometer outside on the wall reads 32 degrees C and that's in the shade.
Despite the weather i managed to get these photos taken.
The sunnies I'm wearing are some of my favourite! I had lost them but found them today all dusty! In the sun they change colour but i like them black best.
I'm also wearing one of my favourite items, a floral vintage leotard which fits me perfect! i love it.
Also i want a new heading banner and was thinking of using the first long image. What do you think?
Have a nice tuesday!


My Avatar

Last night me and luke went to see Avatar 3D and OH MY GOD did it live up to my expectation and mmmore!
The entire movie was fast and there wasn't one second of it that you could use to re-apply lip gloss or look down to find the popcorn, you just couldn't look away. Throughout the whole movie you were learning about the world and cultures of the people. Every scene was beautiful and mystifying, it was out of this world (well it was, it was on another planet actually but i was aiming for the expression there rather than... oh anyway you get the point)!

It was so realistic (you wont understand till you see it) and you believed that this was happening on Pandora.

It also had a teeny weeny tiny hint of whats to come with our world if we're not careful (small references to earth- in 2051 a dry land with nothing but dirt and no green in sight).

I believe this movie will be revolutionary in the film/DVD/3D world.

Now i just wish i had an Avatar and i think I'll stop writing about it now cause I'm disappointing myself as i realise it wont ever happen.


So this is what i wore: singlet tank-AA, Floral Skirt- vintage material opshop and altered, Boots-Opshop, Aligator purse-Opshop

to love and envy

I came across this amazing photographer through her LookBook. Not only are her artistic photos amazing and beautiful but her outfit posts are basically a work of art everytime!
Her Artsitic photographs have even won awards. Shes won my award. (whatever that means)
Definately worth a huge look!
Rockie Nolan.
Here's her lookbook and here's her website


P.s. did i mention she's an amazing thrifter?
Well yes she's that too

vintage dreams

Last night i dreamt that i had arrived at an outdoor shopping mall and was running through the lines of racks as if they were an orchid. In the distance at the end of the row i could see velvet. Not just velvet. The most amazing velvet leotards and ruffle mini skirts you can imagine. When i reached the leotards i looked at the sizes one by one. the leotard was a fitted bra design and i could not for the life of me find one that would fit me (as usual with a size 8-10 bloody +Dcup body!) i continued to look and look becoming more and more inpatient! As i ruffled through the racks i began to run and look. But as i ran the racks began to thin out. Plastic coat hangers with nothing on them began to appear and more as i ran. How could this be happening! I found the perfect leotard and now its disappearing before my eyes! When i had almost given up hope i spotted something in the distance. Could it be? YES! It was my size in big black letters! I ran and ran harder than i had before. I slowed as i reached it, so happy that i finally had found what i had been looking for. I took a deep breath and stretched out in front of me to take it gently in my hands. i longed to feel its smooth fabric and its delicate fit. My hands were inches away, SO CLOSE!
i woke up to my puppy scratching at the door. I looked down and to my dismay i was not holding my velvet dream but my bedspread instead.
I still believe that if i reached out any further and grabbed that fictitious leotard in my dream it would be hanging in my cupboard as we speak.
Ah what it is to dream.


scratch scratch WIN

Tonight I'm staying home after a marvelous night out last night for a friends birthday celebrations! We had a lovely dinner with a bottle of rose' then hitched a ride to our next destination and proceeded to get very very happy on Promotional Midori Cocktails.

They had scratch and win prizes (such as lipglosses, scarves etc) and by then end of the night i somehow had one of each of all the prizes available.

We dressed casually and i loved what i wore even without heels.


Top-Joi, Bandage Skirt- Pencil, boots-rubi and Purse-Early christmas present! LOVE


Love thy lace




Vintage Lace Gown


heat wave ways

Its super hot here in sydney today so i spent most of my time indoors and the other travelling in my car with the air con on full blast and music up LOUD!


Wearing: Vintage Leotard-opshoped, Shorts-Cassette Society, Hat-Akubra, Rings&pendant-opshop, bali and friends.

i have a problem on my hands. I want a vintage car, something really unique and cool
(see eg- lords of dogtown, blue baby, thelma & louise)
but something as cool as that wont be cool on the inside and without air-con and a ipod dock im not sure if i'd make it through summer
(or winter without heating for that matter).

then again i can always just put my 'car' savings towards my 'travelling' savings and not worry about a car.
What do you think?

Not long till Christmas now! Happy Thursday!


my boy builds coffins


i love the raw sound of florence and the machine.
'my boy builds coffins, he makes them all day. But its not just for work and it isnt for play.
he's made one for himself, he's made one for me too and one of these days he'll make one, make one for you.'

Lost Land