emu twins




wearing: vintage mesh dress, tights - ebay, vintage belt, vintage bag and vintage gold jewellery.

The first day I've actually been able to wear tights! Finally March comes to the party with a nice cold day and i can wear tights for the first time this year. Just in time march, your so last month tomorrow! (Did anyone follow that?)

So i wore my spotty tights which still smell like the factory they were made in...hmm. I also wore a vintage belt i got from my mum a couple years ago. If you look closely you'll notice it is all vintage advertising (such as tomato sauce and canned goods). Very unique and just plain amazing but its hard to style unless you feel like wearing black as i did today.

I'm actually selling this dress but am having second thoughts, i just lovely it so much. Since I'm doing well with the whole 'make-money-then-don't-spend-it' plan it's going in the store for a lucky bidder.

Also i found this amazing emu sweater today (it made me laugh when i found it - below)! I'm going to take it on my camping trip! I usually don't take good clothes or vintage items when i go camping but i feel this one cannot be left behind for the weekend.

Oh and yes I'm going camping for Easter this weekend and leaving tomorrow so if i don't get a blog post in tomorrow morning 'Have A Lovely Happy Easter Dear Readers'.

I am hoping to do a little shoot over the weekend in the bushland so might have some nice photos for you when i get back.



p.s these photos are odd, I'm not really this pale =(

Night Cat

This weeks vintage collection in the Spin Dizzy Fall Store
features leopard prints, sequins, studds suede and more

All you need to prowl the streets at night...

black baggy Tee, leopard print coat, fireworks mini dress
silk leopard print singlet, sequin tube skirts & zip cut out top, studded clutch
red coat, suede booties, striped navy top

Visit the eBay store HERE
Postage within australia
(international postage can be arranged by special request BEFORE the end of auction)


traditional chai, sugar!


Yesterday i bought some yummy yummy Traditional Chai tea leaves from a guy who grows/makes his own organic tea. Saw his stall at one of my local markets situated by the sea side. My sister works at one of the stalls there so i like to visit sometimes and most of the market consists of organic produce. It also has tarot card readers, handmade clothing and a little stall filled with semi precious gems and crystals (which you already know i love!)

So this was my breakfast today. I usually wouldn't drink chai tea in the morning (i prefer earl grey for breaky) but since i bought it i'm going chai crazy! I've been wanting to buy some new tea and was going to get a pack from T2 to try but yet again waiting (or just having no time to go get some) has paid off because i got this packet for half the price i would at T2 and i think its even got more than T2 has in its packets. Can't wait to go back and get a different little baggy of tea next time!

I wore this comfy little outfit to market-to market. Loving this canvas bag.

wearing: Blouse - my own design, shorts - lucky 13, bag - vintage and boots - vintage.



leather leopard



wearing: vintage leather leopard print top - garage sale, bag and skirt (seen before) and zu wedges - markets.

I must say I'm almost proud of my saving abilities lately. Sometimes holding back and waiting pays off!

I went shopping at king street in newtown on Saturday and also visited the newtown markets. I bought these wedges off a couple girls selling their wardrobes for needed cash and the girl said she only ever got to wear them once. Poor her but lucky me! Glad i didn't buy those lolo wedges for $150 cause i got these booties for $10!

Whilst there i met fellow blogger and vintage collector Brooke from re:new and bought this cute cropped velvet top (below). Can't wait to wear it under sleeveless dresses in winter.

I almost gave in at 'Cream on King', all their vintage dresses are so lovely, but i decided to make my own similar dress from a vintage dress I've been meaning to hem.
I wore this leather top i got from a garage sale. Its a little tight for me on the breastle area so I'm thinking of adding it to the store sometime soon.

Also like to say a BIG 'Thank you' to all my fans and followers (new&old) and those who've been leaving such nice comments lately =)




Amid the Tombstones







wearing: Blouse - vintage, Blazer - vintage (In Store this week!!!), shorts - lucky13, vintage velvet hat, vintage belt, vintage necklace and vintage bag mentioned in last post.

Me and my grandma visited a graveyard today to take photos (with my Minolta and digital cameras. If only i had that damn digital SLR!) My grandma is a camera/photo taking junkie and she's the one who gave me my Minolta camera and all her old lenses.

Graveyards are quite interesting and not at all scary during the day. My favourite are the doves on head stones, pure white angels and the old stone that has rusted and cracked (is it weird to have a favourite?)

We then proceeded to a 'tea house and gardens' for lunch and 'high tea' and a lovely walk past all the roses and ponds.

I wore gold today rather than my usual silver jewellery. I LOVE this vintage gold heart belt that a friend gave me. It got sooooo hot today so i had to loose the blazer. "Dear autumn, where are you?" I bought another pair of thigh high socks today. I have so many new pairs of stockings and socks I've been dying to wear but cannot!



For you, the sun will be shining





Wearing: Vintage mesh blouse - opshop, vintage python scarf - my mums, vintage bolle sunnies, Vintage belt, Vintage edwins - glebe markets and vintage bag - opshoped.

I finished work early again this week so i went to my local op shop in the morning. I didn't find any nice clothes but found two amazing leather bags! (photo below.)
I fell in love with the larger one as soon as i saw it (vintage design, all real leather!) and i can't wait to use it as a carry-on bag when i go overseas in July.
The black one is a little worn but its made from buffalo hide, has long straps and has three large pockets with gold detailing. I can't go past something with that much character (i tried to put it down but ran back when i thought of someone else taking it home).

I then hired 'The September Issue' and spent my afternoon watching Anna and eating my favourite red licorice. To those who recommended The September Issue - You guys were right, It was pretty good! Even better when you've seen 'Devil Wears Prada,' quite funny.



Blogger Interview: Natalie Off Duty & Nana in Wonderland!

Today I present to you, my dear readers, a Q&A I had with two of the most followed and loved bloggers in this lovely little blogging world. I have to admit I’ve been following these two girls since I started my blog and only just recently found they were sisters. If your no stranger to fashion blogging I expect you’ve seen, heard or most likely followed one (or both) of the Suarez sisters before.

You know them as Natalie Off Duty and Nana in Wonderland.

N: Natalie Suarez
D: Dylana Suarez


D: 22

N: Los Angeles, CA
D: Los Angeles, CA

N: Natalie Off Duty
D: Nana In Wonderland

1. What got you into blogging?

N: It was my sister who showed me a few popular blogs and I was fascinated. I started looking at them a lot in my spare time. I've always been into putting together looks and so I started my blog to share my view on styles with others.

D: I first started blogging about 2 years ago, after I found so many young ladies out there were writing about everything from their personal style to fashion inspiration. I didn't share my personal style in the beginning; I just loved to write about fashion and everything about it. I was so inspired by other bloggers' fashion and views, and I wanted in on the fun, too! I love to write, and blogging was a way for me to express myself in a way that I never though I could. And showing off my outfits is a great way to get creative. There are no limits with blogging, and I love that the most!

2. How long have you been writing your blogs?

N: About 7 months now. I can't believe it's almost been a year!

D: I have been writing on blogspot for nearly 2 years, but my blog has undergone many changes since then, and I started fresh last October. That was when I really started to put my all into my blog because I found that I loved writing about fashion and I started to think about a career in the industry. It was a way for me to show my passion and reach many people while doing it. It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience so far.

3. You girls have a lot of fans and followers, do you ever feel pressure to post consistently or is it always fun?

N: I try not to feel pressured. I post when I feel like it and I make it fun. All my readers are really cool and supportive. They really do keep me motivated to keep it up.

D: In the beginning, yes, I did feel the pressure to make my blog interesting to read and look at because I wanted to catch the interest of fellow bloggers. After all the good reception on the blog, and getting to know other bloggers more personally, I finally started to kick back and have fun with it. I started to post things for myself and for the love of it. I am really happy that my followers love it, too!

4. What do you do and what’s in a normal day for you?

N:I work as a model, so I am always casting and working during the day. I'm love doing photo shoots and meeting really creative people. I love seeing the final result from a photo shoot. As for school, I graduated high school early so I covered quite a lot of college already. But I will be continuing online classes.

D: I just graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in American Literature and Culture. I also studied Biology for 2 years. I took the time after my graduation to travel, and right now I am working as an office/advertising assistant for a real estate agency. My days are filled with normal administration support and a lot of writing and brainstorming.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

N: I love Los Angeles so much, especially the weather. I'd love to be bi-coastal though. Los Angeles and New York would be ideal.

D: I would probably stay here in Southern California. The weather is beautiful here all year round, and I would never want to leave it! I like nature and country life and if I had to go anywhere else, I would probably want to live in Italy. I took a class in Italian at university and it is such a beautiful language and the country is stunning. And pizza is one of my favourite things in the world!

6. What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

N: More travels!

D:I am looking forward to the warm weather and being able to wear shorts every single day. Summer always brings back so many childhood memories, and I hope to relive them and travel some more!

7. What inspires you and who are your style icons?

N: I'm inspired by so much. People I see on the street, images in a magazine, models. It's hard to pick a style icon! I do adore the style of Dree Hemingway, Erin Wasson, and Jane Birkin (as well as her daughters Lou and Charlotte) a lot though!

D: I am inspired by so many things! Storybook characters, a fashion editorial, nature, street style blogs, an old photograph from the seventies. I am usually driven by shape and color when I get dressed, and my taste in fashion can change everyday depending on my mood. I love looking at pictures of models off duty because they look so chic and practical in their no-fail looks. I am always obsessing over the outfits of ladies like Kirsten Dunst, Dree Hemingway, and Alexa Chung, who mix casual with girly, classic pieces. I love timeless styles, and I think that nobody embodied that aesthetic more than Audrey Hepburn. She was perfection. But most of all, I am inspired by my fellow bloggers because they are so eclectic and love to experiment.

8. What’s your (current) Favourite:

Nail colour?
N: Bright Red

D: Sea Green

N: Heeled Booties

D: My Stuart Weitzman wedges

Item of Clothing to wear?
N: A soft Tee

D: My black blazer and my combat boots. I can always rely on them!

N: I just finished "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Reminds me so much of our travels in Asia. Everything she wrote about, I could relate to, because I saw it all in real life while travelling.

D: Sister Carrie by Theodore Drieser

Place to shop?
N: Anywhere that sells vintage or amazing one of a kind pieces.

D: Zara

Place to visit?
N: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

D: Southeast Asia

N: Indian Food

D: Indian Food

N: Pretty In Pink

D: The Breakfast Club

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
N: Watching Movies with friends

D: Read

9.Have you ever been recognised or stopped by a Fan of your blog?

N: Yes, at a shopping center in LA. Didn't know until the person wrote us afterwards!

D: I have been recognized before, but never approached. A fellow blogger once saw my sister and I shopping and commented us afterward that she saw us, but we were gone before she could say hello!

10. Tell us the meaning or reason behind your blog name?

N: I wanted a name that revolved around modelling and style. I was thinking of Model Off Duty but decided I would use my name instead and ended up with Natalie Off Duty. It was prefect and so I stuck with it. Natalie Off Duty revolves are my view on fashion and what I like to wear out, when I'm "off duty."

D: My blog has undergone three name changes since I started. Right now it is called Nana in Wonderland. I wanted my blog title to be a true reflection of my personality. Nana was m nickname when I was little and it always stuck. I called it Nana in Wonderland because I do not want my blog to be defined by where I live, or what I do. Every since I was little, I was always writing my own stories and imagining my own characters and adventures. I basically lived in a wonderland, and I see the world in the same way. I love to travel and I am always dreaming up the next place I want to visit. My head is filled with creativity and I love that fashion is made up of so many creative dimensions, and I love that I can express this through my blog.

Big Thanks to Natalie and Dylana for being fun, enthusiastic and as always very lovely to talk to.

Hope you liked this one because I certainly did!



here comes the autumn leaves

This weeks Vintage Collection
in the Spin Dizzy Fall Store

This week we have stripes, spots, florals, waves, hoodstooth, leopard and antique prints and more

From left to right:

Oversized Spotty Tee, Velvet long sleeve shirt, Floral Embroided Sweater,
Leopard Print Singlet, 'Carrie- sex and the city' coat, Abstract Leaf Blazer,
Striped Sweater Dress, Antique Blue&Gold Tee and Houndstooth thick sweater.

Have a look on eBay HERE

Australia Only (international postage must be requested before end of auction)


sand in your pockets and nothing on your mind

wearing: Tie up sleeve Top - from a friend (V.Club), Shorts- general pants (lucky 13), vintage sunflower necklace and vintage wool hat.

I've had a nice day of relaxing and a little bit of shopping. I was very lucky to find this bowler hat (100% wool, made in Italy = BINGO) at a local opshop.

When i went to get my film developed i found this clear quartz stone on a leather string for only $4. I love semi precious stones, i have a few stone necklaces but I've been looking for something like this (at a reasonable price) for a while now with no success. And to think what i was looking for was right under my nose!
Also picked up some new incense. I could watch the twisting smoke of incense all day.



wearing: Blouse- opshop, velvet mini- opshop, pendant - vintage, socks - BigW and heels - opshops.

These lace up heels are so great to wear with socks and I really like the beige colour. I picked these up at an opshop but I've actually had them for a while and haven't worn them yet. I don't know why..?

Today i made some yummy chocolate pastries (see below) and they were so easy!
All you need is chocolate ( i used dark chili chocolate), some nuts (i used walnuts), cinnamon and puff pastry.
Chop up your nuts and chocolate and place some on your strips of pastry with a sprinkle of cinnamon before closing them up and putting them in the oven (on 200 degrees C) for 12 mins. And that's it! Some yummy pastries for you and your loved ones (or just you if you have a sweet tooth).
And yes i know i said 'chop up your nuts'. I had a giggle when i re-read it, just cause I'm immature sometimes.

Be sure to check back soon because in the next couple of days I'll be posting this weeks Vintage pieces and a Q&A with two girls i bet you've seen before!

P.S thanks to everyone who leaves lovely lovely comments and also ones that make me laugh or just ones i can relate to =) Your all so fun!

Good Night.



my black goldfish

I've remembered that i have some nice holidays later in the year and i really need to stop spending and start saving more. I made a list of things i'd really LOVE to buy and most of them are actually really affordable (really surprising and so im glad!). So here's another list for buyers on a budget!

1. Peter Alexander slippers ( i love these and really want them!)
2. 'I never metaphor i didn't like' book.
3. Lolo Wedges by RMK (the most expensive thing on the list but i cannot stop thinking about them.)
4. Square beanie from general pants ( going to make this one)
5. Large quilted bag from dotti
6. I want a sweater with a knitted print on the front (this ones from dotti - under $50)
7. A black fishy to go in my empty wall fish bowl. (for good karma and water for feng shui)
8. Winter cape
9. 'The september issue' (who has seen this? is it good?)
10. Pull string Leather bag with long strap (from twocoathangers vintage store)
11. Leaflet necklace from d_luxe (so lovely)
Also Gem from Fade To Black has made her self designed clutch in blue and i love it!!!! (pictured below)

I also want easter eggs!!! YUM


the one with a smile

I wore: Vintage hat, Cropped singlet - bali, skirt - pencil, favourite boots, cherry black lipstick - BYS, nails - mauve in on up, sunnies - paddy's and vintage bag - op shopped.

Did a major vintage shop today with some Lovely but tiring results. Glad the weekend is here and can't wait to just relax. It was HOT today (surprise surprise) so i wore a cropped singlet and my big fur wool hat.

A couple people have asked me if they could see me smile so I've included a photo below of me sitting in a giant teddy bears crotch wearing a cheesy smile. Honestly one of the biggest stuffed toys I've ever seen, so funny! I look like a 5 year old playing with the toys.

HURRAH i finally found some oxfords and wow are they perfect for me. I actually bought them for my sister cause they are a 5 and thought they wouldn't fit but who wouldn't squeeze their size 6s into these 5s! They are vintage but have hardly any wear and they even have a nice heel. Happy!



Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner?

Today was yet again quite warm so i decided to put on my lady pants! Very comfy and quite cool in the warm weather. I also made this necklace. I bought these cute vintage stamp stickers from the $2 store and thought I'd make them into little pins and a necklace. This one was a practise on cardboard but it turned out quite well.

So tonight everyone who entered the giveaway got their names put in my fluffy hat for me to draw a winner.
Congrats to Stace from Melbourne who's blog is Tee & Fame. Hope you love your lovely new rug from the amazing people at Buyster Rugs!

I will be having a new giveaway in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned everyone!

What i wore today: Vintage pants - Le Secret, Singlet- Sportsgirl, selfmade necklace, vintage sunnies, selfmade bow and vintage suede shoes(not pictured)